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Green Office Buildings [Infographic]

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Martha Brenneman


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Buildings Saving The Planet

Green House Office Building

Environmentally friendly office buildings continue to make their mark on landscapes around the world. Designers and architects have stepped up to the mark using innovation and technological advancements to assist companies to reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately help to save the planet.

This infographic showcases some of the world's 'Greenest' office buildings, providing a brief overview on how they have gained a reputation, and rightful acknowledgement, for being the most eco-friendly on the planet to date.

All of the office buildings have their own unique aesthetics and while many make a visual statement on the skyline others are going about their business in a more understated manner. Each of the office buildings uses a variety of techniques to help save on energy, harvest or recycle rainwater. Others have harnessed the power of the wind, which is lowering their power consumption by 15% p.a., while others have ingenious ways to recycle the building's sewage.

Many countries around the globe have embraced their responsibility to lower their usage of ever diminishing resources of electricity and gas in an attempt to save the planet. As such they actively encourage companies to make a concertive effort to incorporate as many feasible energy saving technologies during construction to completion of their buildings. However, 'going green' needs to be sustainable to be economically viable, hence the inclusion of methodologies that can be used for many years into the future that not only reduce annual energy consumption but also lead the way in forward, smart thinking advancement for others to emulate.

Green Office Buildings [Infographic]

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These futuristic office buildings may look odd, but they are at the forefront of sustainable building.




Possibly the most sustainable building in the world. The solar panels on its roof produce more energy than the building uses. It also achieved the highest ever sustainability score (98.4%) from BREEAM.




The towers are joined by skybridges that each hold a 225 kW wind turbine, which can provide up to 15% of the towers' power consumption.




Designed to be carbon and energy neutral, the Bullitt Center has a self-sufficient water and sewage processing system and also utilizes photovoltaic panels.




This striking building is Australia's first carbon neutral office, providing all of its own energy and water.




A great visual example of eco-architecture. The building's most sustainable feature is actually its huge atrium, which provides enough natural light to cut down massively on energy usage.




The Crystal is an all-electric smart building that controls the lighting, windows, blinds, and heating; helping it gain sustainable building accolades from the worlds most respected rating agencies.




One Angel Square is capable of passive solar heating and has its own power plant, which uses bio-fuel and waste cooking oil. Its computer systems recycle waste heat and the building includes a used water recycling system and rainwater harvesting.




Powerhouse Kjorbo will generate enough wattage to cover the total amount of energy used in its construction while producing only a sixth of the greenhouse gas emissions of traditional office buildings.


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