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The Greatest Archaeological Discoveries Of All Time [Infographic]

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Claire Collins


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Greatest Archaeological Discoveries

China Buddhas Found Archaeology

Over the decades, there have been innumerable prehistoric discoveries that allow us to peek into the lives of our forefathers. In many ways, archaeology changes our perception of the past. The more primitive artefacts and grounds that are discovered, the more myths unfold – from the Baghdad battery to the Voynich manuscript, Sacsayhuaman to the tomb of the sunken skulls. Archaeological discoveries help us to understand our ancestors’ ancient customs and traditions so that we can appreciate their way of life. Archaeological finds that interweave science with legend have helped us to bond the past with our present. Scholars, excavators and archaeologists have discovered prehistoric artefacts, hidden cities and even sanctified burial lands.

Claire from Caherconnell Stone Fort sent us this stunning infographic that features ten of the most momentous archaeological finds in recent times. It unshrouds the mystery around the discovery of the Voynich manuscript, which is known to many as the world’s most mysterious manuscript. It is believed that the majority of the manuscript’s pages are filled with herbal recipes. However, the plants mentioned in the manuscript have been matched to any known species. In addition to this, to this day the language used within the manuscript remains incomprehensible. For more details on the miraculous finds, let’s check out the infographic below to learn more!

The Greatest Archaeological Discoveries Of All Time [Infographic]

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Over the centuries, there have been lots of great discoveries. Let's take a look at some of the greatest!

1. Headless Vikings of Dorset

Type: Burial Pit

Dated: 910 - 1030 AD

Location: Ridgeway Hill, Weymouth, Dorset, UK

Year Discovered: 2009


2. Baghdad Battery

Type: Ancient Artefacts

Dated: 250 BC - 224 AD

Location: Khujut Rabu, Baghdad, Iraq

Year Discovered: 1938


3. Dead Sea Scrolls

Type: Parchment

Dated: 408 BC - 318 AD

Location: Khirbet Qumran, West Bank, Israel

Year Discovered: 1946


4. Sacsayhuamane

Type: Fortification

Dated: 1100 AD

Location: Cusco, Cusco Reigion, Peru


5. Gobekli Tepe

Type: Sanctuary

Dated: 10,000 - 8,000 BC

Location: Orencik, Sanhurfa Province, Turkey

Year Discovered: 1994


6. Voynich Manuscript

Type: Codex

Dated: 1404 - 1438 AD

Location: Northern Italty

Year Discovered: 1666

Described as the world's most mysterious manuscript.


7. Mount Own Moa

Species: Megalapteryx Didinus

Dated: Before 1500 AD

Location: Mount Owen, New Zealand

Year Discovered: 1986


8. Rosetta Stone

Dated: 196 BC

Location: Rashid (Rosetta), Nile Delta, Egypt

Year Discovered: 1799


9. Antikythera Mechanism

Type: Analogue Computer

Dated: 65 BC

Location: Off the coast of Antkythera, Greece

Year Discovered: 1900

Although there is debate over its exact use it certainly shows that even 2000 years ago civilization was already accomplishing advanced feats of mechanical engineering.


10. The Tomb of the Sunk Skulls

Type: Burial Ground

Dated: 8000 - 7000 BC

Location: Motala, Sweden

Year Discovered: 2009



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