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Get Your Own Paypal Link

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Matthew Gates


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Paypal Me URL

Paypal released a wonderful new feature that makes receiving money even easier! You can now have your very own custom link and receiving money is as simple as a click! Not only can connect your customers, friends, or family to your Paypal account with the click of a link, but you can also set the amount! That's right!

How PayPal.Me Works

  1. Grab your own link
    Grab your own personal PayPal.Me link and we’ll add it to your PayPal account for you to share with friends or customers.
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  3. Get paid back easy
    Friends just click the link, enter the amount and they’re done. The money’s in your PayPal account in seconds.

Of course, I've got mine already and you are all free to donate money to me at

Adding the amount you want the visitor to send to you is as easy as tagging the number on to the end of the link:

Standard Paypal fees apply, but there is no charge to use the service.

There are some limitations that come with service:

You can also read more FAQ about here:

Get your own personal customized Paypal link today at

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