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How To Get Fit When Stuck In The Office [Infographic]

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Alexandra Ashton


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Take 5 To Exercise and Get Fit At the Office

Exercise in Office

Working in an office has never been described as the most strenuous of jobs, so any opportunity to stay active and healthy in an office environment is not to be shrugged at.

Our friends at Lloyd’s Pharmacy have come up with the ultimate workout that can take place in and around your office building and the best thing is that it will only take up a few minutes of your day.

Every morning we have to fight that inner-debate within our minds of whether to face those torturous flights of stairs that lead to the office to skip them for the lift, but now the stairs can be part of your daily workout routine.

Incorporating step aerobics into walking to your office can help improve your cognitive function and help train those calves.

30 seconds of jumping jacks will not only help to de-stress you after that tense business meeting but can also help to train your shoulders and core muscles. Exercises like jumping jacks have also been shown to help prevent neurodegeneration diseases such as Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s.

Next time you’re on call with that chatty client, how about doing leg lifts whilst sat at the desk answering the phone? All you need to do is to sit up straight in your chair and perform 3 repeated lifts on each leg for short 5 second sessions. It takes little to no time and you’re helping to train your quadriceps and improve overall stability.

So, if you are having an extremely busy day and know you will have to skip the evening gym session or even if you’re feeling like you should be more active around the workplace, maybe work up a sweat with this handy workout guide instead.

How To Get Fit When Stuck In The Office [Infographic]

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The Five Minute Office Workout

Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our fitness. But your desk job needn't stop you from working out.

Work up a Sweat

In just 5 minutes, you can start getting fit without even leaving the office.


Step aerobics

Benefit: Cardio improves cognitive function, protecting your brain from aging.

60 seconds

  1. Using a stairwell in your building, step up and down on the bottom step.
  2. Maintain a swift place, taking care not to slip.
  3. If required, use nearby handrails to steady yourself.

Muscles Trained: Calves, quadriceps, and the gluteus maximus


Jumping Jacks

Benefit: Cardiovascular fitness prevents neurodegeneration like Alzheimer's.

30 seconds

  1. Adopt a neutral standing stance with arms at sides.
  2. Jump up and extend your legs out to your sides, should width apart.
  3. As you do this, bring your arms together over your head and repeat.

Muscles Trained: Calves, hip abductors and abductors, shoulders, core muscles


Legs and Lower Back

One legged squats

Benefit: Strong leg muscles improve stability and diminish age-related loss of mobility.

30 seconds

  1. Start by sitting on a chair, with one leg raised.
  2. Keeping your arms and leg in front of you, stand up.
  3. While standing on one leg, sit back down on the chair.

Muscles Trained: Hip flexors, core, quadriceps, and glutes


Leg lifts

Benefit: Core strength improves stability and can prevent exercise-related injuries.

30 seconds

  1. Stand up straight in a stationary chair.
  2. Holding your abdominal muscles tight, straighten your leg until parallel with your hips.
  3. Perform 3 repetitions on each leg, holding each rep for 5 seconds.

Muscles Trained: Quadriceps and hip flexors


Office Wall Chair Pose

Benefit: Leg muscle strength may improve age-related issues with walking and speed.

60 seconds

  1. Begin with your back flat up against the wall.
  2. Next, slide your back down while walking both feet out.
  3. When knees are at a 90 degree angle, hold the position for 1 minute.

Muscles Trained: Quadriceps and glutes


Upper Body and Arms

Incline desk push-ups

Benefit: Resistance training improves bone mass and strength, preventing osteoporosis.

60 seconds

  1. Stand away from desk and place palms on desk edge, shoulder width apart.
  2. While curling toes upward, push your body away. Hold for 2 seconds then repeat.
  3. Ensure that your back and neck remains straight, and your core is engaged throughout.

Muscles Trained: Triceps, pectorals, scapular, and rotator-cuff muscles

Desk chair shrugs

Benefit: Builds muscle size and strength, preventing generalized muscle weakness.

  1. Sit upright, with hands flat against chair by your hips.
  2. Straighten arms, lock elbows, and sink torso between shoulders.
  3. As you lift your body, press shoulders down, hold for 5 seconds, and repeat.

Muscles Trained: Serratus anterior


Always remember that exercise is most effective as part of a healthy lifestyle.

For those starting out fresh - build strength first, know your limits, and don't risk preventable injuries.

LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor

NeoMam Studios



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