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Gender Inequality – Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board [Infographic]

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Sam Butterworth


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Gender Inequality On The Board

Executive Board Team

It is well known that gender inequality still exists in the workplace.

There is a gender pay gap throughout the world, even in the countries seen as the most developed.

There are issues of inequality even when it comes to clothing, with one woman being sent home from a London job this year for refusing to wear heeled shoes.

And there is an ongoing problem with female representation, especially at executive and board level.

This is illustrated very clearly in this infographic, which looks at the top 10 companies in the Fortune 500 listings, and more specifically at how many women they have serving in the top jobs.

The results show that…

Walmart - Out of 36 executive there are 10 women, meaning females make up 28 per cent.

Then at top board level there are 4 women on a board of 11 - 28 per cent of the group.

Exxon Mobil -  Only 2 female executives equals a sad 7 per cent, while 2 other women on a board of 13 means women have a slightly better board representation of 15 per cent.

Chevron - Chevron has 3 female executives, so 19 per cent of that group. And a female representation at board level of 18 per cent, with 2 women on a board with 9 men.

Berkshire Hathaway - 29 per cent representation at executive level, and 25 per cent at board level.

Apple - 1 woman and 10 men make up Apple’s executives meaning 9 per cent representation, and 2 women sit on the board with 6 men, meaning a 25 per cent representation.

General Motors - Out of 23 executives 5 are female. And out of 12 board members 3 are female.

Phillips 66 - Women make up 27 per cent of executives and 25 per cent of board members.

GE - 19 per cent of executives are women at GE, while they make up 14 per cent of the board.

Ford - 3 of Ford’s 13 executives are women, and 3 out of 1 board members.

CVS Health - 23 per cent of executives are women and 27 per cent of board members.

Gender Inequality - Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board [Infographic]

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Despite a lot of progress at board level, boardroom representation is still uneven. Each year, the Fortune 500 ranks top public corporations in the US by their gross revenue. Out of the top 10 companies from the Fortune 500 list, how many women hold executive positions?

Walmart 10 Female (28%)
26 Male (72%)
4 Female (27%)
11 Male (73%)
ExxonMobile 2 Female (7%)
27 Male (93%)
2 Female (15%)
11 Male (85%)
Chevron 3 Female (19%)
13 Male (81%)
2 Female (18%)
9 Male (82%)
Berkshire Hathaway 5 Female (29%)
12 Male (71%)
3 Female (25%)
9 Male (75%)
Apple 1 Female (9%)
10 Male (91%)
2 Female (25%)
6 Male (75%)
General Motors 5 Female (22%)
18 Male (78%)
3 Female (25%)
9 Male (75%)
Phillips Route 66 3 Female (27%)
8 male (73%)
2 Female (25%)
6 Male (75%)
General Electric 3 Female (19%)
13 Male (81%)
4 Female (27%)
11 Male (73%)
Ford 5 Female (11%)
40 Male (89%)
2 Female (14%)
12 Male (86%)
CVSHealth 3 Female (23%)
10 Male (87%)
3 Female (27%)
8 Male (73%)

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