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Four Things More Important Than Money

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Christina Edward


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More Valuable Than Money

Happy Family More Important Than Money

When we are young, energetic and just out of college, we see a lot of people around us getting rich and spending on having the most luxurious or lavish lifestyles. We also often see in the media and the internet how celebrities spend millions of dollars every month to spend a life which is full of attraction, fashion, attention and whatnot. Because of all such factors, our society has become extremely materialistic, we all just want to chase money in our lives. It doesn’t matter if we have to compromise our rest, health, our breaks and families even. People decide to leave their homes in search for more money abroad and struggle with every inch of their sweat.

The quest for money, to be honest, never ends and this fact is realized much later in life when everything is passed and we are getting old. We eventually realize that all the racing and running for money was just worth for absolutely nothing one day. Money may be a factor which is important for your survival, but it is absolutely necessary to make our young generations understand that it is not the only thing that matters. There are other things in life which are so much more important than money and we should rather care about them much more. Today’s post will talk about four important things that count more in the long term life than money.

Time Greater Than Money

Experiences and Learning

Meeting someone from another country, experiencing a sky dive or learning to play a guitar and performing in a concert, any kind of experience that you come across in life is much more valuable than simply earning money. Currency does not get you anywhere, but learning and experiences not only make you an individual who is highly accomplished, but also someone who has lived his life in a great manner.

Emotions and Family

Crying, kissing, hugging and getting married, having your parents beside you and your children ahead of you are some of the best presents of life that you should cherish. People are so unfortunate that they compromise on these special gifts because of their thanklessness and quest to earn more money. Quality family time is something that can cure a fatally ill person. It is important to have the balance of emotional sense and a family to belong to, much more than earning millions of dollars.

Health and Fitness

Even if you have a billion dollar sitting right beside you, but you are extremely unwell and can’t even move a single bit, that is of no use to you. So your health is something which is the most important part of your life compared to money. This is why the famous saying health is wealth makes so much sense when we talk about people ruining themselves and their health for money. 

Passion and Wisdom

Having the passion to do something goes a long way, it keeps you driving and motivated, whereas good wisdom is something that helps you get around with people and contribute to society, both are again much more important than the quest to get more money.

About the Author

Christina Edward is a motivational speaker in the University of Canada. She likes to travel the world and contribute to different motivational seminars that are going on at different places. She also likes to stay active on social media by connecting with users and fans through different posts on the website, Aone Essays.


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