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Effective Employee Management through Communication

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Employee management is a challenging task as it involves dealing with different kind of personalities. As a manager, you need to understand the personalities and needs of each employee and accordingly manage their skill set. Now this is easier said than done. You will need proper skills and experience as well as must be able to judge the situation. It is indeed a difficult task as you must be able to recognize the different needs and personalities of your people. And maintaining the moral of your employees and keeping them engaged in their task is nothing less than a battle at times.

For effective employee management communication plays an important role. You must set your targets to provide employee benefits services. You must be honest and open to them in order to maintain a transparency. Also, treat your people equally without playing any favoritism within the organization.

Communication is also important for knowing your employees properly. When you start communicating with your people openly and honestly you can understand the traits of their character – are they introvert or extrovert? Are they considered, excitable or a bit of a gossip? These may seem small trivial matter, but these are the things that will help you to manage your employees effectively.
Understanding the personalities of your people is essential to managing them properly. For example, an excitable person is more likely to get enthusiastic about new project but at the same time is more liable to get bored after a couple of weeks. Now to manage the situation you need to first judge the personality of each of your team members so that you know what to expect from them and help and guide them accordingly to the end.

Also, consider that not all your people are outspoken. Often management overlooks the people who are introvert and can hardly speak about their opinion, concern or needs during meetings. And if their opinion, concern, or needs remain neglected or unheard for long, it will surely make them unsatisfied workers, which is likely to create devastating results. Look out for people who are introvert; have one-to-one meetings with them and make them feel that they do have a place in the company. Ask for their feedback and value their opinion to make them feel important.

The key here is to make your people feel that your are open for talking things out and let them know that your door is open for a discussion if they have something to share, which may range from feedback to your recent policies to their individual performance report. Make them feel that they can talk to you if they happen to feel any kind of pressure within the organization.

Effective employee management is worth your time and effort as it will help you to establish a relationship with your employees; after all that’s what human resource management is all about.

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