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Top Courses In Travel And Tourism For A Bright Career

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Suzanne Middleton


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The travel and tourism industry has become one of the worlds largest and the fastest growing industries. There are a huge number of career opportunities in this industry involving areas like travel consultancy, marketing, human resources, hotel management, tour planning and customer relations. In order to find a career path in travel and tourism, there are a variety of courses offered through colleges and universities of the world. Here is a list of top travel and tourism courses from around the world that can easily land you a job in the travel and tourism industry.

BSP Essentials For Travel Agents

This course is ideal for individuals who want to forge a career path in the travel agency sector. It offers the following topics:

The exam and course can be taken online and takes only 12 to 14 hours to complete. Individuals who score at least 80% or more will be awarded the IATA Certificate ‘BSP Essentials for Traven Agents’.

Social Media For The Travel Industry

This course is extremely useful for individuals who possess general marketing skills and are looking to expand those skills over the internet. The course offers topics that cover the following:

The travel and tourism courses are entirely online based and can be taken by any individual. Its total length is 25 to 30 hours and an exam is available at the end of the course. On successfully completing the course, students are awarded a certificate in ‘Social Media for the Travel Industry’. However, keep in mind that in order to be eligible for the certificate, you will have to complete the practical project assignment that is given at the end of the course. After completing this, you will have to submit your company profile.

Introduction To Bsplink

This short course is important for anyone who wants to deal with the BSP system and language. This is a very short course with significant benefits for travel agency professionals. The course can be completed within two hours. After the course has been completed, students are required to write a review test that will grant them a letter of completion, awarded by IATA Training and Development Institute. However, keep in mind that the letter is only valid up to 6 months from the time it was received, after which the students will have to go through the same course to renew their letter/license.  This course is also a part of the popular BSP Essentials for Travel Agents.

The course covers the following topics:

BSP billing reports.

Author Bio

Suzanne Middleton is guidance counselor who blogs about education and it's importance in society. On top of her Diploma in Psychology, she has a Diploma of Management and has worked in the HR department of various institutions.

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