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Top 10 Confession Highlights of 2014

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Matthew Gates


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The Best Confessions of 2014

Another year has passed, many confessions have been made. Many articles have been written, many infographics have been published. While many of these confessions and articles were written by me, there were a ton more written by companies looking to get their messages out and many other confessions written by loyal readers and fans who wanted to contribute to Confessions of the Professions.

Confessions of the Professions covers a broad range of topics of careers, jobs, and the workplace. Within these categories are subcategories, such as How To advice, informative advice, tips and tricks, and much more. This means that there are endless possibilities of the confessions that could be written.

I welcome you into the New Year and I am glad you are reading this! As a tradition, starting since the founding of Confessions of the Professions, I have highlighted some of the best confessions of the year. These confessions were some of the most popular. Let's review the Top 10 Confession Highlights of 2014.

A brief mention that Confessions of the Professions did turn one this year.


1. Children Pretending To Be Adults

Children Playing Nurse

As children, we are so young and hardly understand the world, especially what being an adult means. We all start off as children, but then we supposedly grow up. I have always wondered, when exactly do we grow up and become adults?

This article explores childhood, observes our behavior in the workplace, and seeks to understand how, why, and when we are considered adults. Since no one has ever answered the question, the conclusion must be that we are all really just children pretending to be adults.


2. Human Greed: The Downfall Of Humanity
Star TrekIt is no secret that humans are greedy and there are many people who are looking for the next best thing in order to get rich. People love money and money is what people want. Companies began to increase prices on products and the cost of living went up, while raises remained stagnant. Governments became corrupt and rather than take care of its people, governments began looking out for themselves, rather than the people, whom support and make the government possible. The human being is no longer valued by any corporation as a human being, but rather a product that is worth money and looks like a dollar sign.

This article warns humanity to wake up and realize that if humans do not change, and greed continues to rob and plague the world, with poverty being so prevalent, the downfall of human society is inevitable. For every species that becomes extinct on planet Earth, the human race is one step closer to extinction themselves.

Wake up, humanity, before it is too late!


3. ONET OnLine Analysis


O*NET Online is one of the best job, career, and workplace resource websites you will ever visit, full of informative knowledge about any job on the market.

This article summarizes and analyzes many of the features that are contained on the O*NET Online website including education requirements, skill requirements, and training requirements. The website is very detailed. Everything and anything you want to know about your career can be found on O*NET Online.


4. One Life, Old Man

Old Man UpThis is an article inspired by my best friend who I met in college, Wayne Michael McGinness, who passed away at the early age of 27. He had showed me how to really live life and stop fearing the actions and consequences of everything I did. Sometimes, you just have to live life and enjoy it for what it is. Wayne was the type of guy that pushed you to do some crazy things, but there was always a lesson to be learned with everything he was teaching you, showing you, or doing with you.

His passing inspired me to write an article about how fragile our lives are and how fast time really passes. One moment we are children, the next we are children pretending to be adults, and the next moment, we are in a relationship, living in a house, having children, and before we know it, we might be grandparents, and the reality is that we are one day closer to death with each passing day.

Life is only complicated if we make it complicated, but life can be wonderful. Life is what it is and we ought to make the best of it while we are alive.


5. Teachers Gone Wild

Sexy Hot TeacherEveryone goes through school and the lucky few occasionally get a hot teacher. She or he is the hot teacher that you have fantasized about, and you wanted that teacher to give you and only you detention, so that all of your sexual fantasies and desires could be acted and carried out. That hot sexy teacher made school worth showing up to everyday. You know the relationship would be completely wrong, as you are (or were not) of legal age, but you did not care, your hormones were rolling, and you really just wanted something to satisfy your sexual lust. You may have even convinced yourself it was love.

In high school, it almost seems like everyone is having sex, but you. I know at least when I went to school, I am sure far less than half of the students in high school were actually having sex. I could not answer that nowadays, but I am sure the numbers are still low to moderate, and sex usually occurs between those who are in a committed relationship.

On a very seldom occasion, however, there are a few sexual teacher-student relationships that do tend to form and play out. While the fantasy of it to anyone in high school is appealing, and many pornographic films are dedicated to showing a teacher-student relationship, the reality of the entire situation is much different.

A sexual relationship between an underage student and a legal age teacher is wrong on many levels, including the fact that the student puts trust in the teacher as an authority figure, and while it may seem like both parties reap the benefits, the full accountability relies on the teacher. A teacher is there to do a job, not find their soul mate. Unfortunately, with the rising number of reports of sexual relationships of female teachers and male students, female teachers and female students, male teachers and female students, and male teachers and male students, this article dives into the consequences of such actions and warns against any teacher-student relationship.


6. Workplace Romances [Infographic]

Businesspeople Holding HandsLove in the workplace can be a wonderful thing or the worst thing that ever happened to you in your life. Most workplaces have policies against it, but believe it or not, aside from college and the Internet, the workplace is a great place to meet your significant other. You already know they have a job and are working, and you get to see how they behave as a professional, so flirting with them and asking them out to dinner couldn't do any harm, could it?

If two people in the workplace are both single and want to date, they should be able to date, but the problems arise if there are issues in the relationship, than the jobs of both people involved may suffer, because the two people cannot work well together, or constantly bring their personal lives into the workplace. This infographic article discusses consequences of a workplace romance, and while it is very possible and should most likely be kept a secret, with some type of agreement between the two new love or lust birds, it may not always be the best decision.


7. 7 Alternatives To Sleep At Work

Sleep at WorkI often stay awake for hours on end and have trouble sleeping, thinking about this or that, but once I do get to sleep, I love it, especially if I have an awesome dream that I remember the next morning. I love sleep so much that once I am asleep, I would prefer not to even set an alarm clock, and sleep until I just get up on my own the next day.

Sleep is a wonderful thing, but not many of us get enough of it, and we could all stand to sleep a few more hours, but in between our sleep comes life and work, and we must get up each and everyday, and face the world, and dismiss the fantasy of just lying back down to go to sleep. Without sleep though, we face a rough and tough day of not only the demands and challenges that life throws at us, but the demands of our own body wanting to return back to a peaceful slumber.

There is nothing worse than going into a long drawn out meeting that lasts for hours and almost seems to be pointless, and dozing off for even just a minute. No one wants anyone to see them falling asleep at work. Whether you had a restless night of sleep or could not get to sleep at all, there are certainly ways to stay awake at work. The best thing you can do, however, to stay awake at work, is to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, eat a healthy diet, take a shower in the morning, and take mini-breaks at work.

This article discusses a few more tips on how to keep yourself awake at work.

Austin Powers Snooze Button

Yes, I am definitely guilty of turning off my snooze and being late to work because I overslept, but I like to live dangerously.


8. Leadership Styles Around The World [Infographic]

Leadership WorldwideIn nearly all places around the world, there is work, and with that work comes workers, bosses, management, and the higher ups in the corporate ladder who make stern decisions about the direction of the company. All over the world, no style of leadership is ever the same.

There are dozens of types of leadership and ways to run a business. Some workers prefer a certain type of leadership over another, but there is usually no choice in the style of leadership when working for a company, but the general style of leadership is dependent on which country the worker lives in.

Leadership styles around the world include casual leadership, structured individualism, autocratic, hierarchy consensus, primus inter pares, boss, but friendly, officer help out in crisis, consensus rule, and ringi-sho consensus.

Depending on your preference of leadership styles in the workplace, you might just want to consider moving.


9. The Power of the Handshake

Handshake InterviewYou can tell a lot about a person simply by shaking their hand. Okay, you may not be able to tell everything about them, but a handshake will give you insight into their confidence, their health, and the way they carry themselves, especially towards and around other people.

A weak or limp handshake will probably turn you off any person. A strong handshake involves being involved in the conversation or presence of a person, and letting them know that you are a strong human being.

In this article, I went from wanting a job to hoping they did not hire me because the person in power who was supposed to be someone who commanded respect shook my hand very weakly. I have shook hands with children who had a stronger handshake. Whether you are a man, woman, or child, a nice strong firm handshake shows confidence and demands respect of both parties involved. Anything less than a strong firm handshake means that you need to work on learning how to shake hands with someone.


10. Privacy On The Internet

Internet PrivacyIt is interesting that this confession surpassed (for a while, anyway) last year's very popular confession, Webcam Model, in which many webcam models upload or stream videos to the Internet, where they are completely exposed publicly to the world forever. Very rarely do videos that are released into the wild ever get recalled. It is almost impossible to eliminate a video on the Internet, if a webcam model one day feels their privacy is being invaded and they want to stop their videos from being seen on the Internet.

The article discusses the concerns about privacy on the Internet, especially when everything is offered as a free service, in exchange, for personal information. With the outcry of the invasion of privacy from the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and the government, the world should be very concerned with what they are putting on the Internet, but a great majority of people seem indifferent about their privacy.

All social media networks are basically profiles that any branch of government service can subpoena any Internet social media service and obtain any information about anyone that they wish. No extra work necessary on any part of these governments, as it is you, the people, who did all the work in providing information about yourself to them.

There are only a few people who take privacy very seriously, having taken measure and precautions to completely remove all information and public profiles about themselves on the Internet. These people are extreme, ensuring they browse privately, with no cookies being set, and they may even go as far as connecting through a proxy service such as Tor, to ensure their IP address cannot be obtained. The world used to fear hackers, but hackers are harmless compared to all the information social media networks have obtained from you for free, simply from your input.

Everything you put on the Internet is public and can be found. Depending on the type of information you put on the Internet, it could be used to make your day or ruin your entire life, even as far as losing your job and never being able to work in your field again. Take privacy very seriously and think about what you are about to show the public world when you put or upload anything to the Internet.


We hope you have enjoyed the Top 10 Confession Highlights of 2014 and look forward to delivering you more great confessions in 2015!

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