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Common Electrical Problems

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Hi, my name is Derek. I am here to share to you some of the common electrical problems I meet in my job.

I have been an electrician in Sydney for the past 8 years, and I can tell you that until now many mistakes are committed over and over. Whether I’m checking out buildings or homes, these errors can sometimes be so grievous they put your property and worse yourself in great danger. I will highlight two of the most common ones:

Redundant Wiring

I have noticed that over the years, there’s a constant movement of people, going in and out of cities and suburbs. Although there’s an increase of new houses, many are living in existing homes, and this is where the problem and error begins. You see, some prefer to have their electrical wires installed without removing the old one. Sometimes I am not even sure if they are aware there are already wires in the home!

Why is this an issue? One, the old wires can already be showing deterioration, and their insulation may already be poor. In other words, they can already be live wires, making them dangerous for the home and people living in it. Second, by simply creating a new line, you will never be able to really determine if there’s a weak connection somewhere in the house.

What should you do then? Pretty easy! Call an electrician to have the old removed. Some may prefer to use the old wire, but we always advise to just have a new one for safety.

DIY Wiring

Ah, this is my favorite. More homeowners are trying to veer away from spending too much on home repair, maintenance, and assembly that they settle for the DIY route. After all, they can already find plenty of tutorials online. If they go to YouTube, they can even see actual demonstrations of the steps. So why should they spend at least a hundred dollars for a professional when they can do it themselves?

There’s a reason, though, why we are called electricians. We spend several hours to study and to gain experience and expertise in the field. We are qualified to do the job than anybody else out there. The biggest mistake with DIY wiring is the lack of knowledge. Every home can be different from the others, and the likelihood of not following local building and electrical codes is extremely high with DIY.

Safety is more important than affordability—that is a fact. So I hope you don’t take shortcuts but ask help from professional electricians.

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