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12 Closet Staples For The Work Week [Infographic]

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Sophie Bell-Rhone


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What's In Your Closet? 

Women Business Casual

Here’s a cheat to get you to the office on time and in-style: less is more. While it may seem like your workplace is owned by one or two conspicuously showy dressers, whose wardrobe budgets exceed their talent and who never wear the same thing twice, the real power is to be located in a precise, minimalist closet that sends professional vibes with none of the nonsense. Limiting your arsenal to a dozen interchangeable pieces that fit you well can lead to streamlining your morning regime and quietly impressing the bosses – and it needn’t cost a bomb.

For a start, if you want to be taken seriously it’s time to take out the colour clashes. While some industries will be more tolerant than others to a little self-expression, sticking mainly to blacks, whites, navies and greys means no pre-breakfast handwringing over whether that shirt and tie match – and you can still pick one piece (a tie for him, a scarf or cardigan for her) with a splash of colour to keep things fresh.

The most durable capsule wardrobes begin with a decent coat and bag that will weather the seasons for a few years, giving an impression of quality and dependability. Underneath, classic designs such as the pencil skirt and white blouse for her, slim fit chinos (keep one tan and one black pair) and pale dress shirts for him, will convey a sense of timeless style. Again, classically designed shoes and a belt will look effortless – and go with anything. Keep a blazer on hand for meetings with clients or popping out of the office, and you’re just about set: a lean, stylish, affordable work wardrobe that lets your colleagues see just how serious you are. You can check out the precise details on this handy new infographic.

12 Closet Staples For The Work Week [Infographic]

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12 Closet Staples To Get You Through The Work Week

DRESSING FOR WORK can often be more complicated than it needs to be, especially if you share in the misconception that you need at least 100 individual items to CREATE 'YOUR LOOK.'

We've listed below WAYS TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY by utilizing just 12 PIECES OF CLOTHING to create a versatile and fashionable work wardrobe.


The clothes you wear for work can make a big impact on how you are perceived. A professional yet stylish wardrobe can be a real asset.

Consider what's appropriate in your industry


If it's creative, it's likely you can get away with a more daring and colorful outfit than you could in a law firm.

Get a good fit

Clothes that ARE TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL don't work well, even if the items are expensive or high quality.

Choose smart over sexy

Inappropriate clothes can give the WRONG IMPRESSION and can be distracting.

Dress for the task

Studies show dressing for the task at hand CAN MAKE YOU MORE SUCCESSFUL. So if you have a meeting with the exec, think about the right outfit.


Fill your wardrobe with these 12 essentials and you will always have a good style day at work


With these 12 pieces in y our closet, you will look fresh, stylish, and professional every day.

ORGANIZING YOUR WORK-WEAR wardrobe needn't be stressful – you don't have to go to the extreme of wearing the same items of clothing every day or spending a fortune on your clothes.

With a little SAVVY SHOPPING AND SMART PAIRING, you can save space in your closet and still turn up to the office looking great.



Start Saving Today

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