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A Christmas Memory for a Lifetime

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Timi Wealth


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“Oh boy!” she exclaimed.

“I’m not going to miss this for the world!”

Even the caption of the Carol alone was so inviting. She had missed it the previous year while she was in nursing school. Tracy was a young nurse at the City Hospital, in her first full practice year. The Carol was much talked about all over town and served as a climax for the end of the year. She checked her shift for the umpteenth time, and started planning out.

Early on Christmas day, she had to be at the Hospital and she didn’t mind this as she had something exciting to look forward to in the evening. She went over to her favorite patient’s ward to check on her. Mrs. Smith was a beautiful and instantly lovable young woman. The scan had shown that Mrs. Smith was expecting twins. She had been advised to stay in the hospital since she would be due that week. They had grown really close during her third trimester and even Tracy found herself looking forward to the birth of the babies.

When her water broke by 3pm and the contractions started getting strong, everyone was taken by surprise as the babies weren’t expected till the following day. She was immediately prepared for labor. Tracy knew at that time that she'd have to make the cruel choice of either the Carol or witnessing the birth of her first twin delivery. On one hand she had planned out her Christmas day for so long and on the other hand she had watched the growth of these babies from the very second month. “There would be other twin deliveries” she said to herself, only these one felt somewhat special. She took one look into Mrs. Smith's already teary eyes and she knew she was going nowhere. She had being such a huge part of this pregnancy; she couldn't just leave at this climax. Immediately, she got dressed for the operation.

For Tracy, this was a labor like no other. From the intensity of Mrs. Smith’s contractions, Tracy already knew it was going to be a long night. The labor went on for hours. Mrs. Smith’s body could hardly cope with the excruciating pain, she held on to Tracy on one hand and her husbands on the other.  At that point Tracy was almost in tears. It took every one to hold her down and ask her to calm down whilst gently urging her to ‘push’. At about 10pm, the babies finally arrived. It was amazing.

She found herself emotionally drained after the operation. Yet she felt a serene sense of fulfillment. She had just spent a Christmas day that she looked forward to all through the year, delivering a set of twins. Of course she never planned to spend this beautiful holiday at the hospital, but it made her think twice at the true reason for Christmas. Being a season of love and giving, indeed, she knew this selfless act of her’s summed up the true Christmas Spirit.

Hearing the Christmas tunes from afar, she stared into the eyes of the little babies. Savoring the beauty of birth and linking it with Christmas subconsciously. For the first time ever, she felt genuinely glad she had this job.

"Merry Christmas precious beautiful babies," she said unconsciously.


by Timi Wealth

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