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Can Dogs Eat That? [Infographic]

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Donna Austen


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Can My Dog Eat That?

Every Bite Watching You

The scene is all too familiar: Whether you are making yourself a sandwich at lunch time or trying to quietly and sneakily ruffle into a bag of potato chips at midnight, they know. They hear. They see. They smell. And they are there. They are always there, right at your side, staring at you. Waiting patiently for you to hand it over. You spend slow minutes, patiently waiting for them to leave, but they just stare at you, as patient as you, knowing you have something, and they want it. Your meals and snacks are not complete without a snout and a set of eyes staring at you in awe and desperation, hoping that you hand over what you have, to a dog who ignores their own food bowl in favor of yours. Most of you are guilty and you give in and hand over a piece of what you got. You cannot help it. After all, how can you say no to those eyes?

Human food is not dog food just like dog food is not human food. No matter how appealing the Dog Food Company makes it sound, you will never take a bite of their "meat and eggs", "chicken and gravy", or "bacon and sausage" dog food. (If you have ever eaten wet dog food, please let me know in the comments, curious to know what it tasted like!) While there are plenty of natural foods that dogs can have that don't count as "dog food", there are plenty of foods that dogs cannot have and may even cause a vet visit or worse to a dog, specifically chocolate: Never ever give your dog chocolate. It is like poison to them. Other foods, however, you may gladly give to them as a treat or even in sitting down to eat, that is, if your dog eats with you.

Every Meal Watching You

It does not matter what type or species of dog you have. Your food and your dog or dogs have their own relationship, and you are just the middle man standing or sitting in between food and your dog. If you have a dog, you have probably already found out by now that you will always have an audience when you eat. The dog may give you a look, stare at you, beg, and pout until you finally give in and hand over some of your food. You may think you are doing them a favor, but really, you are just trying to satisfy your own guilty feelings of not giving your dog what you have.

This is a perfectly normal experience and sometimes, you just have to put your dog on ignore while you eat. Other times, however, the guilt may get to you, and you find yourself giving your dog scraps from your plate. While this may seem to like a good thing, it does not necessarily mean what is good for you is good for your dog. There are times where you might have to forego the sympathy and flat out tell your dog no, or do what I do: grab a piece of bread, and break off pieces as you are eating your own meal. Most dogs will not even know the difference and assume they are eating what you are eating. Your dog might have an idea about what you are eating, but most dogs would be happy just to be given what they think you have.

This list is general and depending on the type of dog you have, they may not like some foods, or some foods may affect them differently. Please check with your vet before giving your dog any foods you want. There are just some foods that take its toll on the digestive system of the dog and are not recommended and advised against. Dog food, of course, is the best thing for your dog. There are plenty of companies that specialize in organic and healthy feasts for your growing puppy.  Be sure to feed them a healthy diet, provide daily exercise, and take them to the vet at least once a year for shots and a checkup.

Every Bite

If you cannot resist your snack habits and must give your dog something to snack on as well, than at least make sure what they are eating is good for their diet and hopefully yours. Much of what they can have is also great for your diet. Here are a list of 105 "human" foods that a dog can have, cannot have, or is not recommended. There are just some things that are a flat out "NO!" and "NOT RECOMMENDED" and we sure do appreciate, honor, and remember those who were the testament to those foods we found out that dogs cannot have.

For a explanation of why your dog can or cannot have some foods, view the full guide on

Infographic submitted by Donna Austen, article summary by Matthew Gates

Can Dogs Eat That? [Infographic]

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Can Dogs Eat That? The Ultimate Guide to 105 Foods (Infographic from My Bones and Biscuits)

In the following infogrpahic, we break down 105 foods and explain whether your dog can eat them. Use the key below to understand whether a food is dog-friendly or not...

YES! No Problem.

YES Yes, but some conditions apply. View the full explanation in our guide to see what they are.


NO! Avoid at all costs.

Almond Butter YES


Apples YES

Applesauce YES

Asparagus YES!

Avocados YES


Bananas YES

Beans YES!

Beets YES

Bell Peppers YES!

Black Beans YES

Blueberries YES

Bread YES!

Broccoli YES

Brown Rice YES

Carrots YES!

Cashews YES


Celery YES

Cheese YES

Chocolate NO!


Coconut YES

Corn YES

Cucumbers YES!

Dates YES

Edamame YES!

Eggplant YES

Eggs YES!

Figs YES

Fish YES!

Fruit YES

Garlic NO!

Ginger YES


Grapes NO!


Greek Yogurt YES!

Green Beans YES!

Peppers YES!


Ham Bones NO!

Honey YES!

Honeydew YES




Kale YES

Kiwi YES

Cooked Lamb Bones NO!

Raw Lmab Bones YES


Lettuce YES!

Lima Beans YES!

Mango YES!

Melon YES

Mushrooms YES

Nectarines YES


Oatmeal YES!

Olives YES!

Onions NO!

Oranges YES

Pasta YES!

Peanut Butter YES

Peanuts YES

Pears YES!

Peas YES!


Pineapples YES

Popcorn YES

Pork YES!

Potatoes YES!

Quinoa YES!

Radishes YES!

Raisins NO!

Raw Chicken YES!

Raw Eggs YES!

Raw Meat YES!

Raw Potatoes NO!

Rib Bones NO!

Rice YES!

Salmon YES!

Seaweed YES

Shrimp YES

Spinach YES!

Squash YES

Strawberries YES

Sunflower Seeds YES

Sweet Potato YES!

Tangerines YES


Tomatoes YES


Tuna Fish YES

Turkey YES!

Turkey Bones NO!


Walnuts NO!

Watermelon YES


White Rice YES!

Yogurt YES!

Zucchini YES!

The information in this infographic is intended for entertainment purposes. If you really want to know whether a food is safe for your dog, please ASK YOUR VET!

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