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Bleisure: Growing Trend in Business Travel [Infographic]

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Michelle Mangan


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The Bleisure VacationBleisure Sightseeing

The business travel market makes up thirty percent of overall annual travel. The concept of ‘Bleisure’ is where employees add two or three extra days of leisure time to their business trip. Sometimes employees invite family or friends with them and pay for the extra capacity.

In terms of ‘Bleisure’ traveller habits, more than one in every two travellers taking ‘Bleisure’ trips bring family members or a significant other with them. Almost one in five of thirty-five to sixty-four year olds are most likely to combine a business trip with a leisure holiday, compared to only one in twenty of over sixty-five year olds. The top three most popular ‘Bleisure’ activities are; sightseeing, dining and arts or culture. Eighty-three percent of those taking a ‘Belisure’ travel trip say they use time on business trips to explore the cities they are visiting.

The key demographic to watch in the ‘Bleisure’ travel market is the ‘Millennial’ market. More than nine in ten ‘Millennials’ say they are more than, or equally likely, to take a ‘Bleisure’ trip in the next five years. When it comes to the market trends, company policies around ‘Bleisure’ tourism have to be taken into account. Fifty-nine percent say that their company has no formal policy around the concept. Forty-six percent of employees taking business trips, add personal days to business travel on every trip, or to most trips anyway.

Have a look at the infographic below provided by The Europe Hotel & Resort, a luxury hotel based in Ireland, for more detailed information and statistics around the ‘Bleisure’ travel market.

Bleisure: Growing Trend in Business Travel [Infographic]

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Bleisure The Growing Trend in Business Travel

The Bleisure Traveller

"There is a new mindset in today's business traveller. They're not just a business person on their way to a meeting, but an individual thinking about making the most of every opportunity they find themselves in." - Chris Rossi, Spokesperson, Virgin Atlantic.*

Bleisure Traveller Habits

Millennials, The Bleisure Travellers to Watch

The Market Trends

"It's understandable that companies want employees to keep business as the focus of the business trip, but if these trips make employees more worldly, help them relax, and incorporate family time, employees will likely be more productive in the office and companies can't keep ignoring discussing their policies." - Dan Peltier, Skift Global Travel Intelligence Agency*

Company Policies

Many employees are unsure if their company even has a policy on leisure activities during business trips.

What Employees Are Doing

Why Employees Are Doing It

Airports Are Facilitating the Bleisure Market

Research from Virgin Atlantic shows 56% of business travellers arrive more than 1 hour before their flights to use airport lounges.

The Industry Opportunity

"Increasingly, people are working around half-term holidays with the family, so that an executive can do a week overseas while the family fly in at the beginning or end. The key thing customers have in common is that they are all frequent travellers and tend to be older." - Adam Knights, Managing Director UK, ATPI, Global Travel Management Agency*

Capitalize on the Bleisure Market

Bleisure Travellers to Target Countries with Generous Paid Annual Leave

*The experts quoted above are in no way affiliated to The Europe Hotel & Resort.


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