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Become A Physiotherapist

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Rahul Rai


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Physiotherapy: Physical Therapy

Physiotherapist: Chiropractor Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy is a medical profession wherein you will require to improve mobility and function of patients who have suffered from sports or any kind of physical injuries, aging issues or someone who had a stroke recently. Oftentimes, people find it extremely difficult to maintain or continue certain amount of movements after they suffered a major health issues primarily from injuries or stroke or simply aging movement problems. It is here where a physiotherapist comes in the picture, he/she would utilize all her knowledge and expertise to help the patients restore their health by beginning to include exercise sessions. A person with physical therapy degree can identify and maximize a person’s potential to move around however injured or weak they are, so that the patients can recover from injuries and improve their quality of lives.

If you are serious about entering into the profession of physical therapy, there are few things you should know.

Job Role of a Physiotherapist

Physical Therapy is one of the trending medical professions where you may end up working with famous athletes around the world who had suffered from sports injuries, old people with age related problems and stroke related mobility issues. Other than a certified degree, you would also require interpersonal skills, ability to care, and help people restore from injuries and mobility challenges. You will also require to promote their health and wellbeing by helping them restore their normal lives after injuries and strokes. In addition, the following responsibilities are attached to the role of a physiotherapist:

Physiotherapy Entrance Exam and Eligibility

  1. Aspirant candidate should be an Indian citizen
  2. Should have completed the 12th Standard with PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and English
  3. Should obtain at least 50% in all subjects
  4. Should have reached 17 years
  5. A minimum of 50% must be secured in all the subjects
  6. Applicants should be at least 17 years old
  7. Candidate must pass physiotherapy entrance test e.g. AIPTET (All India Physiotherapy Entrance Test) and CET (Common Entrance Test) and more
  8. Students should clear the CET (entrance test), and then can study Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T) program

Physiotherapy Courses in India

Students who are looking to study a degree or diploma course for 2 to 4 years and short-term physiotherapy courses, which can be taken up once 12th standard final exam is completed. A candidate should have done their 12th Standard in Science stream with English. The short-term courses are available 3 -12 months, a diploma course would last up to 2 years and a degree in physiotherapy would take up to 4.5 years. Once B.P.T program is completed, a student can take up a master degree in physiotherapy for 2 years. After the successful completion of all the programs whether you have completed a bachelor or master’s degree, you should ensure to do an internship or work as an assistant at a hospital or health care centers.

Physiotherapy Colleges in Different Regions of India

Given below are the Physiotherapy colleges in various regions in India.

Physiotherapy Colleges in Western India

Physiotherapy Colleges in Eastern India

Physiotherapy Colleges in Southern India

Physiotherapy Colleges in Northern India

Physiotherapist Career Opportunities

Getting into a physiotherapy job is pretty easy these days as there are huge opportunities in the field. Whether it’s a regular worker who sits for longer hours and develop pain or an ageing person, or an athletes who had an injury, needs a physiotherapist to support and help them restore their lost normal mobility and function. As you gain more experience and move into senior roles, you can specialize in any of the following:

Once you are an experienced, you can end up opening your own clinic. You can also train junior physiotherapists and help them understand the critical aspects of the profession.

Physiotherapist Salary

When it comes to financial reward, a physiotherapist have great growth potential in India. There is huge demand for physiotherapists in India, the demands for such paramedical professionals are not just limited to people with injuries, ageing population and cardiovascular patients, but extended to different groups of people. With 1 or 2 years of experience, a physiotherapist can earn up to INR 30,000 and with more expertise and experience the earnings can go up to INR 12,00,000 or above a year. There is also great opportunity to earn as an individual physiotherapist and clinic owner.

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