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Battle of the Bedrooms: Batman vs. Superman [Infographic]

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Morgan Murray


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Batman vs. Superman Bedrooms

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs. Superman is being released today on March 25th, the movie lovers, the comic book lovers, the nerds, are all excited to see these iconic characters, face-off each other for the very first time in the cinematic history of Comic book movies.

We have seen Batman, and Superman in other movies, but never had the chance to see them share the screen space, but Zack Snyder and his team has done the impossible. In the movie Batman and Superman are at war which may lead to disastrous repercussions. It has a great chance to become a box-office smash, and what better way of bringing the battle of superheroes into your own home.

We at Terrysfabrics had a great idea to celebrate the release of this movie, by bringing the battle of Batman, and Superman into your bedroom.  We have created an infographic that displays the ideas that you can incorporate into your bedrooms, the ideas that we have compiled together include list of coolest beds, walls, lights, chairs, and alarm clocks, to give your room a super makeover, and make you ready for the new movie.

The ideas include a super bed in striking red, black, and yellow for Superman lovers. Carving the headboard into a bat sign, surely makes it look intuitive. Smash a Superman logo onto your wall with decal. A wall sticker that brings a touch of the Batman into your bedroom. You can also opt for Superman V General Zod wall art inspired from ‘Man of Steel’.

For the ones who prefer comic book Batman, and also want their kids to do the same. And last but certainly not the least a super red stylish lamp, with Superman logo. We hope that you loved our ideas, and would adapt one these ideas into your humble abode.

Battle of the Bedrooms: Batman vs. Superman [Infographic]

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The coolest, most stylish and simply epic interior design ideas for a bedroom fit for a superhero.

This super bed is striking in black, yellow, and red.

Putting lights on a bed might seem counter-intuitive, but it sure looks epic!

Or go all out with this one, complete with a cityscape behind the headboard and a rocky wall.

Smash a Superman logo onto your wall with this decal.

This wall sticker brings a touch of the Batman to a lighter bedroom.

It's Superman vs. General Zod in this 'Man of Steel' inspired wall art.

For those of you who prefer the comic book batman (and want your kids to do the same).

How about this neon light to brighten up your batcave?

You can put on the 'super' red light with this stylish lamp.

This batarang light is gonna look cool no matter where you put it, and terrify any would-be burglars.



Batman wins!

Superman may be super, but Batman has cooler stuff.


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