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Background Check QA [Infographic]

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Jim Addison


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Background Check Question and Answer Information

You hear about it in the news, on the radio, and on television. Workplace violence on the rise. Embezzlement is on the rise. Sexual harassment in the workplace is on the rise. Background checks on all future hires are even MORE important now than ever. It is important for any company to know who they are hiring before they hire anyone.  A thorough background check should be performed regarding criminal, educational, identity, and employment history including a credit check and a drug test to ensure who you hire is an authentic employee who will be a valuable asset to your company.  A background check for all employees is well worth the investment and could save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run!

You should state to all new hires that you are a company that performs background checks in order to verify that all information is correct.  This will make sure any hires do not attempt to falsify information and deter any hires that really do not belong with your company. Depending on the results of the background check, you may hire based on your own discretion.  While a background check may not be perfect, it should not discourage you from hiring a new employee. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to give the new hire a chance, because the new hire may be the hardest and best working employee you have ever hired.

There are a lot of questions about background checks, but where can you find an expert that will put your mind at ease? Well, we have gathered some of those questions and answers right here for you in this infographic titled 21 FAQ about background checks.

Background Check QA [Infographic]

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21 Frequently Asked Questions

About Background Checks

1. Do I need a background check?

2. Are background checks required by law?

3. What liability can I open myself up for if I don’t perform a check?

4. What checks do I need to perform?

5. What types of background checks are there?

6. Which types of jobs require credit checks?

7. Which type of jobs require criminal background checks?

8. I want to run a polygraph test. Can I?

9. I saw an ad for a free background check. Should I trust it?

10. What is a good turnaround time for a background check?

11. Can I perform a background check on my own?

12. Which checks do I need to get permission for?

13. Can I use social media information in my hiring decisions?

There are several cases in the court system right now about this issue. Some states have already decided that this practice is illegal. However, anything that is publicly accessible on the Internet is considered a public record. Have the right person before jumping to conclusions!

14. Where can I get more information about my state’s background check laws?

15. How far back should I check?

16. Is background check information ever wrong?

17. Do I have to reveal to the candidate what I learned from the background check?

18. What do I need to run the check?

19. How long can I retain the information I receive from a background check?

20. Should I automatically reject a candidate based on a background check?

21. Am I legally obligated to deny someone employment based on their background check?

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