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ASUU Strike and their Compensation [Nigeria]

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Educational System

This is not the first of its kind that the educational system will be affected, though I am a Nigerian, it was recently that ASUU just decided to stop the activities of university which is one of the major hinderance to the educational system in Nigeria as a whole.

Firstly, the problem is the poor infrastructure which adds more injury to the educational sector where there is need of creating more services in order for the admission process to be functional but it is dysfunctional, the government of Nigeria needs to spend more budget on the educational sector which needs implementation of adequate facilities where it is scarce.

Poor classroom management might be of greater disadvantage to the education where students can assimilate very actively. The issues of equipment is the most essential tools for lecturer to use in order to empower student with the right motive of learning. There is no medical services operating within the university campuses which need adequate restructuring to improve the health management system.

Secondly, there is no maintenance culture which the university campuses needs to adapt some techniques to help the educational curriculum to be effective without distraction. Another factor of the educational sector is the result of unpaid gratuity to the lecturers for the following academic year which to be rescheduled and postponed due to strike action. Looking at some of the other sectors of the economy, like the power sector, is pulling down the activity of education. However, the problems that relate to the educational sector are the poor academic records which affects student performance towards the time of graduation where they can't boost their credentials.

Thirdly, the policy of the government as at 2009 during the regime of president Umaru Musa Yaradua over the implementation of lecturer’s salary which led to another strike action and postponement of the academic calendar and also delaying the students from graduating on time and getting jobs on time. Aside from buying a certificate by our notable politicians who didn’t gain admission to the university tried to destroy the educational system through corrupt practices by fraudulent means of embezzling the nation funds.

Furthermore, another issue at hand is the level of corruption in which students have involved themselves in oath taking (cultism) where it is a self-destructive element to society. Exam malpractices destabilizes and mitigates the educational sector from performing their responsibility to fulfill the student wish of being a graduate after years of studying a course. Without the government intervention to the issue on ground, delayed lectures leads to postponed session as it may disfigure the educational system from effective planning and proper management, as the students are fully equipped with the necessary skills, it leads their attitude towards engaging their spare time with armed robbery, prostitution, and other social vices. It is important to know that empowering the student with lectures of their choice is better than involving early pregnancy, abortion and miscarriage, or being sexually harassed by some elites and non-elites while they are victims of circumstance.

Fourthly, the facts and quotes... if the eduction is improved,the system is solved but if the education is faulty then the system is dissolved. Disposing the facts that the law of karma states that "WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND”, the lack of untrained lecturers will hinder the student performance outside the four walls of the educational system where they can't boost their relevance in Nigeria. Creating more universities is not the improvement towards the growth of the educational system. Instead it becomes more handicap to handle since the university campus may not fulfill their promises as lecturers to students and there is no guarantee in boost to the economy. However, if the educational sector is upgraded with the right tools and equipment at a higher standard of learning, nothing will stop the improvement.

In addition to this, we hope that the Nigerian government will give the lecturers the chance to elevate their position by paying them their salaries. An adage says that “what you don’t have, you can't give out”, the lecturers needs in return to give to the students. Finally, it is the success of every child that determines the state of the nation, everything has to be financed early and also good recommendations should be taken by the government of Nigeria as education will be a centre of acquiring knowledge with this initiative.

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