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3 Ways to Make $100+ Per Week Working from Home

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Andrew Wise


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Work From Home, Make Money

If you have been searching between the couch cushions hoping to scrounge up some extra money, there is a better way. The internet is an invaluable tool that will help you make money from the comfort of your own home. Still feeling skeptical? Here are three simple and surefire ways to make over $100 a week while working from home.

1. Launch and Optimize a Blog to Earn Extra Income
Launch and Optimize a Blog To Earn Extra Income

While this strategy requires you to invest a certain amount of time upfront, it also yields the biggest profits. Starting a blog and building an audience essentially turns your website into prime advertising real estate. Companies who sell products related to your niche will want to target your audience and are willing to pay to have a spot on your site carved out to highlight their products.

You can also make money through Google AdWords. The concept is basically the same: you pair with companies who want to advertise their website and publish small ads throughout your posts and pages. Every time a visitor clicks on an ad, you make a few cents. While that might not sounds like the most lucrative endeavor, you would be surprised how quickly profits add up if you can drive visitors to your blog by publishing great content.

2. Make Money by Offering Freelance Services
Make Extra Money by Offering Freelance Services

There are plenty of websites, including UpWork, Zerys and Freelancer, that help match up clients with freelance writers, designers and coders. If you have a special skill, there is a demand for your work and a thriving marketplace where you can make real money. Even if you don’t have a specialized skill, many people are looking for virtual assistants to help organize their schedule and stay on top of their emails. Heck, with sites like Fiverr, you can sell basically any service for $5. From personalized birthday videos to voodoo curses, you would be amazed at what people are willing to spend $5 to have.

3. Earn Extra Cash by Testing Websites

Earn Extra Cash by Testing Websites

You don’t have to be an expert and you don’t have to fill out any lengthy surveys or forms. All you have to do is visit a test website and try to navigate to different areas. For website owners, being able to track and watch customer behavior is an invaluable tool. It allows them to identify places for improvement and get people to stay on the site longer so that they can enjoy higher conversion rates. On the site User Testing, you can make $10 for each test, which lasts around 15-20 minutes. Simply sharing your user experience can help you make extra money!

There are plenty of articles out there that promise to make you money. Beware of any scheme that doesn’t require some effort on your part and always be leery of any site that asks for a lot of personal information. That being said, there are plenty of legitimate ways that you can make over $100 per week, all without leaving the house.

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