How Do Executives Get Recruited? [Infographic]

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Recruiting executives can be quite different the recruiting other employees for small business owners. You can’t exactly post an ad in the classified section of the newspaper looking for upper level executives. Most companies now use executive search firms to help with filling executive positions.

Throughout the executive recruitment process, executive recruiters have to be incredibly thorough in their research of the qualifications of potential candidates. Because of the importance and the responsibilities of executive positions the candidate must be qualified for the job or it could cost the business dearly. These are company leaders that are being brought it and have no time to learn on the job.

The executive search process begins when the company and the recruiter meet to define the core job requirements as well as identify core competencies, skills and knowledge required for the executive position being filled. At this step the recruiter needs to learn about the hiring company’s background as well as their goals for the hiring process.

The more the executive recruiter becomes more acclimated with the company, the more they can help aid in selecting the most qualified candidate for the position. To learn more about the executive recruiting process, check out this infographic from Pierce Gray. It does a great job of showing the entire executive recruiting process from start to finish.

How Do Executives Get Recruited? [Infographic]

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How Do Executive Get Recruited?
Behind the Scenes of Executive Search Firms

What are executive search firms?

Companies that find the right leaders or executives to hire through networks of relationships enabled by:

Payment up front


Partial payment up front


Payment upon placement

Steps leading up to the job offer

Executive Search Firms:

Define Requirements

  1. Meet with the hiring company to gather job requirements and present it as an attractive role.
  2. Identify core competencies required for success in the position.
  3. Create a strategy for finding qualified candidates and gain hiring company buy-in.

Develop Candidates

  1. Research candidates through firm-wide tools and resources.
  2. Market the position through consultant-candidate communications.
  3. Conduct in-depth interviews with the most qualified candidates.

Select Finalist and On-Board

  1. Meet with hiring company for “scorecard” sessions and compare candidates.
  2. Based on client selection, verify background information and qualifications.
  3. Facilitate acceptance to reduce uncertainty and arrive at an acceptable agreement by both candidate and company.

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