How Does DWI Affect Employment?

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Learn What Happens When You Put Drunk Driving on Your Resume?

In all the 50 states, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle if your blood alcohol content is 0.08% or more.This is information you can find in any alcohol abuse forum out there. If you are arrested while driving and it is established that you have surpassed this limit, you will be charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated misdemeanor). Under this misdemeanor, you could face a number of penalties some of which includes suspension of your driving license, monetary fines, community service and even a jail term.

To avoid facing these consequences, you should hire a qualified DWI attorney to represent you in court. It is important to note that DWI records will reflect in your records for a period of 10 years. This means that a DWI conviction will affect your life for this period of ten years. How does DWI affect employment? DWI conviction is likely to impact your current job as well as your future jobs.

Alcohol rehabilitation classes

When you are convicted of DWI crime, the court may order you to attend to alcohol rehabilitation classes. Considering the fact that these classes are court ordered, you have no option but to attend them. This means that you will miss your job during the hours when you are supposed to attend these classes. If you have to miss from the job, you may be compelled to tell your boss that you have been convicted with DWI misdemeanor. Disclosing this information could result in the termination of your employment or a demotion from your current position. It would be important for you talk to a DWI attorney before disclosing your DWI status to your employer.

Suspended license

After a DWI arrest, your license may be suspended. For you to get to your job, you will have to rely on public transport or get a ride from your family member or friend. Without a reliable means of transport, you might end up being late to work and you could be fired. Every day you will be wondering how you will get to work on time; this is a psychological torture. In some instances, your DWI will be automatically reported to your employer. If you had been employed as a driver, a DWI could result in your immediate termination. A DWI will mean that your insurance rates will go high and your employer may figure out that your job is not worth the expenses.

Future employment

Having a DWI record is likely to have a negative impact on your future employment. When you are seeking a new job, the potential employer may run a background check on you. If he establishes that you have a DWI record, you may lose an opportunity which you had qualified for. In most job application forms, there will be a section where you are supposed to fill information with regard to previous convictions. If you fill this section, there is the likelihood that your application may be discarded without any other consideration. If you do not fill out this section and the potential employer realizes that you have a criminal record after running a background check, you will still miss the job opportunity on the basis of being dishonest.

Expunging criminal records

Having DWI criminal records does not mean that all is lost. You can still reclaim your untainted record through expunging your criminal records. Expungement means a process where all information regarding criminal records as well as arrest records are destroyed, sealed or cleaned. When this happens, you will no longer have to worry about your past criminal records or arrest records because your profile will be clean. If you are successful with expungement, you will get a new hope to get a job. It is important to note that you must use the services of an attorney who will ensure that your criminal records are expunged.

So How does DWI affect employment?

We have seen that DWI records could impact every facet of your employment. A DWI will make it difficult for you to get a new job and it could also make you lose your current job. If you are stopped by a traffic officer and he arrests you for driving while intoxicated, you should contact an experienced DWI attorney. An experienced DWI attorney will move with speed to ensure that the charges are dropped so that the record does not get into your profile. In case you do have a DUI in your profile, a good lawyer will help to make the application and also make follow-ups to ensure that these records are expunged.

Provided by a 12 year DWI attorney, Christopher J McCann from Follow his tweets at @CJM_Law_Firm or Orange County DUI Lawyer YouTube channel.