Hotel Maintenance Engineer

Adam Greene 1m 262

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I worked as a hotel maintenance engineer (fancy terms for trash man) for an internship, it didnt pay but it was a great working experience with a great hotel. You wouldnt think that working in maintenance and recycling would be that interesting but for the most part it really was an interesting job mainly because of the guests and the trash they throw out, some of its trash some of it is treasures, for example picking through the recycling i managed to find unopened cans of soda, unopened water bottles, a very nice passport case worth thirty dollars, although i only spent a school year working there it was a great experience and you never know just what you’re going to find when you pick through the things that people consider trash, sometimes you may find a ring or a wallet, other times just a cold drink (some washing may be required though). During the time that i worked there i learned that making a job easier doesnt necessarily make it better, by making the work easier you lose the benefits that its giving you, what i mean by this is, if you’re hauling heavy trash to the dumpster by hand its hard work but its work that makes you stronger each time you go back for another set of heavy bags, but using a rolling trash bin to carry it over you lose that benefit of free strength training and you lose that benefit of working hard, so faster isnt always better because sometimes it just makes your work less beneficial.



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