Help Someone In Need [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Help Those Who Are In Need

Help Someone

Not everyone who needs help wants to ask for it or thought of themselves being in a situation that required them to ask for help. Plenty of others refuse to ask for help, but pray that someone will come along and help them. It is possible that you have even been in a worst situation than you are in now and someone came along and gave you advice, financial help, or support, and that specific moment may have helped you change your life around or make a decision for the better.

Everyone, at some point, needs help, and while there are plenty of people who will ask for it, there are many others who will face the struggles and do it alone. You probably know someone in your life or a few people who are going through a situation that could be changed with a little outside help from someone, particularly you. Why not help out if you can help? You could change a life in the process for the better.

Do you know someone who needs some help? Maybe they just need some comfort or emotional support, an ear to listen, some advice? Do you happen to pass a homeless person on your way to work or on your way home from work that you see every so often? Is a co-worker going through some troubling times and needs some advice? Have you been neglecting helping a family member to your fullest extent because you have been too busy or just could not really help them out? This week, you are going to help someone who needs help.

If you pass a homeless person on the street, you can either give a few bucks in change or go buy that person a sandwich. You might even want to pack a few extra sandwiches or snacks this week and give them out to the homeless people that cross your path. If a sibling or a friend is going through financial issues, it might be good to offer something to them, in the form of a loan, or charity, though you should probably never expect to get it back, but the idea of just having helped them is what is important. Maybe a co-worker is having issues with their job or the boss seems to be more on their case recently, and they could just use a little backup and support from you.

In good faith and charity, help someone in need this week. They will appreciate it and it will probably be unexpected, but the greatest thing that recently happened to someone. Make a difference in someone’s life and help them out this week.





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