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Height of Courage

Author: Anonymous
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Height Of Courage. This is not my job but I did come across this crazy video of what someone does at their job. Worth it to watch the full 7 minute video of what these guys go through every time they need to make electrical repairs on the Sky Tower / Sky Scraper. If you are afraid of heights, this job certainly is not for you! Imagine having to climb up top the top of the tower and you didn't even begin working yet. Afterwards, once you reach the top, you have to work. You have to make sure everything is working properly, otherwise you need to climb back to the top. Then afterwards, you have to climb all the way back down. I never realized that Sky Towers require this dangerous insane work. Check it out. Stairway to Heaven.

This video is from YouTube. Here is the full description:

Mechanics conducting installation/maintenance/repair work on a very high tower (1,768 feet). The courage of these brave men deserves heartiest applause.

The video is from the head-mounted camera of one of the climbers.

Height Of Courage - Men working on a sky-high tower (1,768 feet)

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  1. Matt says:

    I don't think I could work a job like this, no matter how much you paid me. That is an insane height. Not only do you have to climb up, but you have to climb back down. If the weather is bad, you can't stay up there, and have to climb down. I'm surprised they don't go up with parachutes. It'd probably be cheaper to fly a helicopter up and work on it that way.

  2. jeffrey campbell fox says:

    That is an insane height. Crazy insane to work from up there.

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