Make Plans To Hang Out With Friends [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Hang Out With Friends

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Whether you have been thinking about doing it with an old friend or doing it with a new friend that you just met, consider finally doing it: Just go and hang out with friends. We get so busy and wrapped up in our own lives that we forget the most important thing in life: Embracing our humanity; embracing the fact that we are social creatures.


When we were younger, it seemed much easier to make friends and hang out with them. If our friend lives next door or across town, we would find a way to hang out with our friend. Life happens and we get busy with college, work, a career, or just about anything else that arises, and we barely find the time to hang out with others, especially our friends. We might make plans and they never seem to materialize into anything or we might talk about planning something, and it never happens.

This week: Just make it happen. You are not getting any younger and your friend or friends might just be waiting to do something with you, and might be wondering the same thing as you: Why does nothing ever seem to materialize?

Make plans with someone at work, make a new friend at work if you don’t have friends, or make plans with a good friend of yours that you have not spoken to in a while or hung out with since… you can’t remember when, for after work or for the weekend, whether it is a hike, a game, a movie, lunch, dinner, a walk in the park, a conversation, or anything that you can think of that might be fun.

Friends come and go throughout your life, but try to hold on to some of your best friends, and hang out with them. Talk to them and get to know them. If your friend is your best friend, make sure they know that you love them, appreciate them, and enjoy their company. Tomorrow is never promised, and by putting off hanging out with friends, you might be missing out on learning and experiencing new things.

Get in touch with a friend or a few friends this week and make your plans happen. You will never regret spending time with friends, but you will regret having friends and never spending any quality time with them. Make this week a week of planning and a week of doing, making things happen, and actually hanging out with your friends.




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