Grim realities of Apple Inc.

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Confessions of an Apple Store Employee

Apple Inc. is famed to keep everything about its research and development (R&D) activities under tight wraps. The technology giant has incorporated a code of silence that is religiously followed by top executives to all the way by the retail employees.

However, there’s an exception – something that could cost the most valuable technology company on the planet too dearly, i.e., confessions from an Apple Store employee.

Vicious customers

Its quite shocking and equally amazing to witness how badly behaved some buyers can be. From the first hand account of the employee, at times there are customers who spit fire (expletives) in trying to get their almost two years old gadgets exchanged.

These buyers yell at the Apple Store employees, curse them beyond imagination and cry hoarse to get their voices heard. Luckily, these people get to taste success through such antics, no matter how horrible they are, actually.

To employees like these its like working at McDonald’s, with a fatter pay-packet. To sum up them all, these employees claim that they’ve never been treated so badly ever in their lives.

Product release


Speaking about various product launches, this employee has to reveal some really nauseating truth behind the clear glass walls of Apple’s headquarters. Basically, employees remain in the dark right up to the eleventh hour, regarding any upcoming product launch. These employees remain so till the top honchos make a keynote speech about the company’s latest product.

They don’t have any idea about what is going to happen next and are even prohibited under their company’s own law to openly speculate regarding the same. Actually, these poor souls may land in a tight spot if they do so, particularly in front of the consumers.

At times, Apple Store employees like these, have to face a volley of questions regarding all the next in line products to be launched by the company, say for example, iPhone or iPad. To such employees, these questions pose a very serious dilemma. So, if they say silly things like ‘The upcoming iPad will come with a camera’, then that also may land them in huge trouble.

For that reason, there are employees who purposefully avoid the ‘Technology’ section in a newspaper, in order to prevent themselves from getting involved into any kind of discussion regarding their employers and its future plans. To them being dumb on these topics is much smarter, than to say anything that might cost them their job.

The case of secrecy is so intense that on the day of a major keynote speech, all the employees in every Apple store gather in front of the television to watch it. Additionally, it has become a tool for the employees to get an off from work, if they say that they would like to hear their boss speak at their homes. In addition to that, on the day of a product launch, employees are treated with foods and are lured with bonuses, if they work long hours.

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