Google Plus Post Format Guide [Infographic]

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When it comes to writing a Word Document, having a website, or writing an email, there is the beauty of being able to format text, making it italic (emphasized), bold (strong), underline, large, small, and even making it look like you meant to say something, but you crossed it out — as if you were writing a real letter to someone and instead of erasing it or using whiteout, you simply crossed it out.

Unfortunately, when it comes to chats or expressing yourself, particularly on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you are able to write text, share links, even share photos, but you cannot change the format of what your text looks like. For example, if you wanted to express that you are having a bake sale, you may want to bold it in your status or comments, but you do not have the ability to do so.

Google Plus is the only social network that does allow the formatting of text. The tags are not quite like HTML where you might put:

 <b> <i> <u> </b> </i> </u>

However, Google Plus does make the tags very recognizable and easy to remember.

This infographic covers how to format text in Google Plus.

Google Plus Post Format Guide [Infographic]

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Google Plus Posts

Your Text Formatting Guide

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus allows you to format the font in your posts. This little guide shows you how.


To show word(s) in bold text, enclose the word(s) with * -> I want to make *this text* bold! -> I want to make this text bold!


To show any word(s) in italic, enclose word(s) with _ -> I really want to emphasize _this_ word -> I really want to emphasize this word.


Enclose word(s) with – [dash] to strike through the text -> I am the -smartest- funniest person I know -> I am the smartest funniest person I know.


You can also use the combinations of the bold, italic, and strikethrough -> Look at *me* writing a _-useless-_ handy guide to formatting Google Plus posts -> Look at me writing a useless handy guide to formatting Google Plus posts.

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