Google Plus Business Profile Checklist [Infographic]

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Create A Google Plus Company Business Profile

If you did not notice, Google has been pushing Google Plus for a while now, originally for a short time offering profile pages to people and then quickly opening it up for businesses to add their company profiles. Any business might think that they have already got enough social media profiles and another one is not necessary. Unfortunately, for however many social media networks there are, any business willing to keep up and engage with all social media networks is sure to acquire followers, fans, and visitors. Google will probably give any business that has a company page on Google Plus priority rankings in search engines just below their company website, so it is important for a company to take advantage of Google Plus and what it has to offer.

Setting up a profile, filling out the about section, adding photos, and going through filling out all the information that is required or optional on Google Plus may seem redundant — after all, Facebook and LinkedIn already required a ton of information, and Twitter requires some information to be filled out. Why fill out another profile? The simple answer: It’s Google.

What do I mean by the simple answer? Google is the most widely used Internet search engine in the world. Believe it or not, helping your business helps their business. If you use Google Adwords or even if your competition uses Adwords and is trying to go against you: Google makes money. So why Google? Because Google is not trying to hide your company in the search engine. If anything, they are doing their best to promote it.

Think of the Internet as an advertising billboard. Any and every way to get your company name and brand out there is another gateway to attracting new visitors and new and loyal customers. For every person who has forgone the way of social media networks, there are a thousand people in place and those people are your target market and audience. Google Plus has an abundance of people who love it and have left other social media networks in favor of it, while there are many others that use all social media networks across the board. The times are changing and every company should consider making the investment in a Social Media Marketing and Advertising Department. Simple engagement and interaction with customers, fans, and visitors including offering social media-only discounts can go along way in attracting leads and sales.

If you have not already done so, consider Google Plus for your business. This infographic is a 14-point checklist for setting up an awesome Google Plus business page and ensuring you get the most out of your Google Plus company profile. Google Plus also offers the advantage of setting up a custom URL, which any company would be ignorant not to take advantage of a company brand name in the URL itself.

Google Plus Business Profile Checklist [Infographic]

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Set up a KICK-ASS Google+ Business Page

  1. Select the right category
    • Choose from:
      • Local Business or Place
      • Product or Brand
      • Company, Institution, or Organization
      • Arts, Entertainment or Sports, Other
  2. Add basic info
    • Business Name
    • Website URL
    • Age Restriction Settings
  3. Add a profile photo
    • Use your photo or a business logo
    • Size must be at least 250×250 pixels
    • The larger, the better
  4. Add a cover photo
    • Use a high-resolution cover photo
    • Ideal size is 2120px in width x 1192px in height and the aspect ratio is 16:9
    • Use a call-to-action, must be relevant to your brand, show off your work and keep it current
  5. Circle people in the same industry
    • Gain more followers and keep updated of what your competitors are up to.
  6. Add interesting tagline
    • Super important for your hover card. Craft a tagline that will easily catch people’s attention. Keep it simplet yet significant.
  7. Add an introduction
    • Use 1-2 target keywords
    • Add your mission and what you do
    • Include interesting facts about your business
    • Add links to your website content
  8. Add social links
    • Let your audience know that you’re also present on other popular social networks.
  9. Claim vanity URL
    • Make it easier for your audience to access your page.
  10. Verify site & email address
    • Boost your business page authenticity
  11. Add contact information
    • You can add your address, fax, mobile, or phone
  12. Connect YouTube
    • Connect your YouTube account to your Google+ page
  13. Add additional managers
    • Only 1 owner can be added + 50 managers to your page
    • Only 20 people can be invited per day
  14. Add content
    • Add at least 5-10 content before you spread the word about your page.
      Make sure to optimize each post:

      • Add a *bolded* title with 1-2 keywords
      • Add a description about your content
      • Use CTA such as questions, ask for shares, +1s, etc.
      • Add relevant #hashtags
      • Use a high-solution image

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