Getting A Job At Google [Infographic]

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Named as the best company to work at, there is no doubt that a lot of people want to work at Google. The company invests so much in making their employees happy. The perks are overflowing and there are a lot of free stuff to keep them motivated at work. The workplace itself boasts of a very comfortable environment. There are sleeping pods, playgrounds and areas that remove barriers and encourage new ideas. Food is also abundant in the place. Employees get a good and healthy selection of free gourmet meals.

In addition to that, there are other perks like free massage, free haircut, free medical and dental checkups, free laundry and dry cleaning and so much more. It is pretty much what every employee could ask for in a workplace. Not to mention Google’s salaries are one of the highest average in the industry. It is definitely a workplace heaven. However, not every one gets the chance to work at Google. Getting a job at Google is not as easy as it seems. They get over 2 million job applicants every year. And, to get the best talent from that pool. they make these applicants go through a rigorous hiring process.


Check out this infographic from It outlines some of the facts you need to know to get a job at Google.

Getting A Job At Google [Infographic]

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What does it take to get a job at Google?

Each year Google gets over 2 million job applicants.

Only 1 in 130 applicants gets a job, compared with 1 in 14 high school students applying to Harvard

You don’t always need to go to college
14% make it in without going to college

The ability to learn is more important than IQ

Brain teasers are no longer that important! With statistical analysis Google found that people who can solve brainteaseres are not necessarily the best hires

Google looks for what they call “T-shaped people”
Very skilled in one area, often the best in their field, but also have other interests
expertise – knowledge

Google values “Emergent Leadership”
taking charge when required, and not taking charge when not

It takes on average 37 days to complete the interview process with about 5 interviews