What Can You Do With Google? [Infographic]

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What Can Google Do For You

Google is a company that formed in 1998 and seeks to index the entire Internet, playing a huge role in the search engine website ranking factor, and becoming the dominating and most trusted search engine within the next 10 years.

Google is always researching new opportunities and innovating ways for people around the world to have access to the Internet and offers most of its products and services for free. It offers dozens of free powerful products that are used in our everyday life, our everyday business life, and our everyday social life. With the advent of Hangouts and ownership of YouTube, over a billion people around the world can have conversations for free or have access to many available videos.

Google has a great importance on the Internet and before the giant search engine offered many of these products, businesses kept information in buildings, in file cabinets, on paper, and on computer hard drives — all of which could easily be destroyed by theft, wear and tear, and natural disasters — forever lost without a trace or backup.

It stands to reason that a company like Google would invest in secure locations and backup computers so no data would ever be lost. With the ability to store unlimited data, a business could easily store terabytes of data without ever worrying about losing anything.

There is one primary concern with businesses trusting Google: By storing your data for free, they essentially have access to all of your company data. While it is unlikely that Google would ever have the time or resources to search through your data and steal your company secrets, there is always a potential chance that some elite hacker could get into Google’s secure servers and steal your information, or Google themselves might one day access it. However, it is more likely that Google is doing great things than trying to steal company secrets from your business.

Businesses that use Google products may find it easier to run their businesses and spend less money investing in Office Software products, while also finding their workers may be more productive. For example, Google Docs (Google Drive) offers the ability for multiple people to work inside of a spreadsheet all at the same time, seeing live changes as they are made. Before Google Docs, flash drives had to be used, which could easily be lost, or emails had to be sent, which also could easily get lost among the dozens to hundreds of emails sent daily in any employee’s inbox.

This infographic covers some of the best free tools that Google offers.

Since this infographic is slightly dated:

  • Google Docs has become Google Drive.
  • Google Places is a new great feature for businesses.
  • Google Reader has become obsolete.
  • There are a number of Google products that are not listed on this infographic that have become obsolete.
  • There are a number of Google products that are not listed on this infographic that have become successful.

What Can You Do With Google? [Infographic]

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What Can You Do With Google?

Google is more than just a search engine.

With its ever-growing list of products and services, there’s almost no limit to what you can do with a Google account.

Learn about some of Google’s most popular services below! With a Google account, you’ll have access to these services and many, many more.

Google Docs

  • Create Documents
  • Edit Spreadsheets
  • Build and Share presentations


  • Add Circles
  • Form groups
  • Stay connected

Google Calendar

  • Save dates
  • Share calendars
  • Stay organized


  • Filter messages
  • Save contacts
  • Communicate on the go

YouTube/Google Hangouts

  • Watch and share videos
  • Create playlists
  • Upload your own videos


  • Create a Blog
  • Write posts
  • Be heard

Google Wallet

  • Make mobile payments
  • Shop online
  • Keep payments secure


  • Edit photos
  • Share albums
  • Remember


  • Filter news
  • Follow blogs
  • Manage info


  • Stay in touch
  • Enjoy apps
  • Connect on the go


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