How To Have Good Smelling Breath At Work

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Do you want to stop bad breath? Most people are faced with this dilemma especially if they have not corrected some dental or oral issues. At work, it is important to have good-smelling breath. It gives lasting impression on the individual’s grooming and hygiene.

Here are some of the tips to stop bad breath and prevent awkward moments when you talk with someone.

1.      When brushing your teeth, use the tongue cleaner. We thought that the germs just stay in the tongue but most of them stay in our tongue. So it’s a must to use a tongue cleaner.

2.      Use mouth wash. You must gargle it for about 45 seconds,  twice  times a day.

3.      Eat foods that promote good breath. Some of these foods are fresh herbs such as ginger, scallions, cilantro and parsley. We also include the teas because they can get rid of the unwanted odor in our mouth. Flavors like peppermint, Moroccan mint, Jasmine, hisibscus, and lemon balm are just a few to mention. We must avoid foods that have onion, hot peppers, highly spicy foods and garlic.

4.      Eat foods with high in fiber so that our colon will be clean. Our colon is directed to our mouth, that’s why if we eat and eat the foods it will junk in out colon and that could cause unfavorable odor.

5.      Always floss your teeth. Some of the germs will go in between the teeth wherein the toothbrush cannot reach them. It may also cause bad breath, in order to avoid that we have to use floss.


6.      Drink water – ALWAYS. Stay  hydrated because water helps us flush away toxins from our body. If you are not always drinking water, drink at least six to eight glass of water a day.

7.      Do not skip your meal. If you are hungry then eat. You must know that if our stomach is empty, we may have a bad breath. It is better to eat three to six times a day but do not eat too much. Just don’t let yourself go starve.

8.      Use sugarless chewing gums than mint gum because the first will stimulate production of saliva while the latter one is only temporary mask the bad odor that came from our mouth.

Further more, one of the best weapons against bad breath is our saliva. That’s why; we notice that person who has dry mouth is the person whose breath stinks, maybe because of the medical conditions and medications that they take. Sometimes if we face the mirror early in the morning, we notice that our breath stinks. It is because during night time, the production of our saliva slows down while we sleep that’s why it allows the particles and odor to remain longer. So it means we have to brush out teeth every morning, after we go out of our bed. Remember, having a good breath is boosting our confidence to deal with other people. It is definitely a must when we are working and socializing.

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