Go The Extra Mile [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Go the Extra Mile

Go The Extra Mile

At work, most of us just show up, do what we are supposed to do, then go home. That is usually what is expected of us, and very rarely in any policy, or unspoken rule, is it expected that anyone should stay later than necessary. If you happen to work the second or third shift, you might notice that the people on the shift before you do not go the extra mile, clocking out exactly when their shift is over, and leaving you to figure out where they were or what work they were doing. You barely ever see them, might not even know what they look like, as they are out before you have even gotten in and settled down, all because no one ever wants to stay and work a few extra minutes, and make sure the job and the second or third shift is prepared to continue the job of the first.


Some jobs may be the type of jobs where once your shift is done, so is the work, and so you may never need to stay later at work and help out. Maybe you were asked to work overtime, and you rarely ever do. By staying and working overtime, with the benefits of additional pay, you are going the extra mile and showing that you will do what it takes for your company to succeed.

When it comes to going the extra mile, it means giving your all, staying later if necessary, giving above and beyond the call of duty, presenting exceptional work presentation and customer service, helping others, coming up with new ideas to make life in the workplace easier for everyone, sharing or contributing thoughts, or even bringing in coffee for everyone in the morning, or snacks for everyone in the afternoon.

At work this week, if you have never done it before, or even if you have done it, go above and beyond and stand out. Start getting noticed as someone who cares about the job even when the shift is over and it is time to go home. You may just get noticed by the right person, a boss, and it could lead to good things. Going above and beyond to the extra mile might take a few extra minutes, or being a little more considerate, but it can go a long way in the workplace.