Giving Head To Get Ahead

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Business Hookup There is nothing more attractive than a man with power and lots of money. I will seek out that man like he is my prey. It turns me on and I will give him head to get ahead because I can. I don’t think of myself as a gold digger, but I do like men to spend money on me and I love to be spoiled.

The rewards for a man spoiling me are great. I will spread my legs, bend over, lick, and suck any dick that has enough money and power behind it to afford me and give me my way. I am a woman who does what she has to do in order to get ahead in life. I have dated enough men and having men swoon over me has taught me that I am a sexy attractive woman and I will use what I have to get what I want, even if it means performing seductive or degrading sexual acts.


I am not a porn star, but I could be one. I love porn. I love to dominate and be dominated. I have had men and women take advantage of me, use me, seduce me, spank me, eat me, and fuck me. I love to fuck and I love to be fucked. I love the thrill of a boss or a co-worker wanting me and doing whatever they can to get me. It’s even more exciting when women want me. I love women who are experienced and shy inexperienced women who need to be told what to do. I love when my boss tells me to take it all while we’re in his office or a fancy hotel, cumming all over my face, my tits, or inside of me, and then looks at me in delight. He knows all too well though that I now have his power and more.

In the office, I like to be paid well for the work I do and I do it well. It turns me on looking sexy for all the business associates who are in and out of the office all day. I put on my perfume and make-up and no one can resist me. I love the attention everyone gives me and I know I will always get it.

I do have my dark side. You can fuck me, but don’t fuck with me. If I get what I want, than I am happy, and if I am happy, you will be happy. If I am not happy, I will do what I need to do in order to get there and I know many lawyers, attorneys, and prosecutors who will help me to fuck those who fuck with me. Some may call me an evil sick twisted bitch because I am. Give me what I want and we will both be satisfied. Fuck with me and I will make your life a living hell. I do what I need to do in order to get to where I want to be. What can I say? I am a sexy seductress who will always get her own way, even if it means giving head to get ahead.




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