Give A Gift To Someone This Week [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Give A Gift To Someone

Present Giving

It is close to Christmas time and while we all hate the commercial holiday it has become, it is the time of year where we find ourselves giving the most to charity in the form of clothes, food, or money. Most of the year, we rarely think about giving to others. We might buy a bagels or pizza for the whole office, but that is probably rare for most of us, thinking that we cannot really afford it. Whether done once or a few times a year, it is still the thought that counts. After all, would you not be able to afford some pizza or bagels for your family? You would probably do anything for them. Why not do the same for your office family?

Call it a Secret Santa if you will, but whether your office is doing a Secret Santa or not, it would still be nice to be the person who makes it happen, even if they are small gifts, like $10 gift cards, the thought of giving a gift goes beyond the norm, and especially if you give a gift to multiple people. Whether you want to give the gift of food or money, it is a sure thing to cheer up the office, especially if your office is open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Be different, be the person who stands out among all the employees and give a gift to someone or the entire office. It is not fair to play favorites, but if someone does actually deserve a gift, than it would be a very nice gesture this holiday season. If you cannot afford it, than throw a small party and have everyone bring in something to make it easier. It does not cost much if everyone is helping to chip in. It would cheer up the office and bring the holiday spirit. After all, it only comes once a year, and the best time to cheer up everyone in the office is during Christmas time.