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I go to work in the morning. I do my job. I return home in the early evening. I have bills to pay. Dinner to cook. Mouths to feed. Everyday, rinse and repeat. I have dreams that I want to accomplish. I’m living the life that a majority of the working world lives. Normal life. I love my job. I also love sex. I can never get enough of it and it always seems like there are way too many obstacles against it, preventing it from happening, such as kids, too busy with work or other tasks, chores, not in the mood, etc.

I am just your average man. When I’m stressed, overworked or tired, sex is not on my mind as much, but I’m definitely still thinking about it. Everyday. When it happens, it happens, and I’m thankful and appreciative that it happened. I try to jump in at the opportunity to have sex when I can.

When she’s in the mood, I’m in the mood. Or when I’m in the mood, she’s in the mood. (I wish) If I have the opportunity to have sex in the morning, afternoon, or evening, I will have sex, just like anyone else. Sometimes I do miss the great opportunity because I was too tired or did not notice the signs and hints she was leaving. The reality is, sometimes our hormones just don’t sync up at the same time resulting in nothing happening at all.

Though there were those moments where we both had to just find and make the time to have sex. Several times during the past year, I would go to work, and living close enough (about 10 minutes), head home for “lunch” which would turn into an afternoon quickie. I would return to work with glowing skin, a big bright smile, and a confidence like no other. Most of the men I worked with knew I definitely did not just go home for lunch.

When I returned to work, my mind was more relaxed and I could focus on work. This also worked if my lady was turned on in the morning, or even if we had sex the night before. There is something about sex that just boosts everything from overall health, self-esteem, confidence, and truly makes anyone having it happier and overall satisfied.

If you want to feel more satisfied and confident when you go to work, than spark up some romance with your partner and have more sex, whether you have it before work, during your lunch break, after work, or before you go to sleep. Find the time. Make the time. Plan it out. There is no reason not to have sex if you’re in a healthy relationship. Sex is very possible, even if you’re busy! Capture and take advantage of those golden moments and opportunities that open up and present themselves!  It is sure to make you and your partner feel better when you both go to work and both of you will be much more confident which may ultimately help you boost your careers.

Here is an infographic discussing why you should be having more sex to help your career.

Getting On By Getting It On [Infographic]

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Getting On by Getting It On

5 Reasons Why a Healthy Sex Life Helps Your Career

Sex makes people happy. Everyone knows that, but there are many reasons why getting it on with your partner helps you get on in your career as well.

Courtesy of LELO, the world’s leading intimate lifestyle brand, read on to find out more…

1. More than 50% of American workers feel underpaid, so it’s no surprise everyone’s craving a raise. However, studies show enjoying sex once per week rather than once per month gives you the same feel-good factors as a raise of $50k per year!

Also, a healthy sex life can lead to more promotions, up to a 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales success rate, and 3 times greater creativity!

With regular sex you’ll not only feel like you’ve gotten the raise you were dreaming of, more job success will happen in no time!

2. One of the most common reasons for underperforming in your job is low self-esteem. No surprise there, but recent studies show that 25% of women turn to impulse shopping to beat those blues!

Remember next time when work gets you dow and feel that urge to shop, why not plan a “GRATIS” night in with your partner!

Shopping sprees promote the release of dopamine, the brain’s feel-good chemical. But regular sex is far more effective in releasing this than trips to the mall.

3. Stress is one of the biggest obstacles to being at your best. Yet the average married couple has sex just 58 times per year — that’s a little over once a week, leading to more frustration, fights, and higher tension levels.

Make your oxytocin levels go through the roof by adding an extra night of passion to enjoy a stress-free week!

Couples that kiss, hug, and cuddle every day are better at handling daily stress because of the oxytocin release that results from regular contact. It takes only 20 seconds of intimacy for the hormone to start kicking in, which means even the business couples will enjoy the benefits.

4. Everyone knows looking your best at work will help your career prospects, and the average American woman spends over $75 USD on facials every month, and over $100 on anti-aging creams. But did you know there’s a healthier and more enjoyable way to get that perfect look?

Sex increases oxygen circulation by 400% which gives your skin that healthy glow. It also opens your pores, cleaning out impurities and residual make-up. Not only that, it causes your body to produce natural collagen which helps prevent age spots and sagging.

So the nest time someone at work says, “you look gaming, what’s your secret?” Have a little smile to yourself and keep it that way!

5. Everyone deserves a treat once in a while, especially after a hard day at work. It helps you relax as every treat should. But with more than 90% of American women thinking they weigh too much, how can you balance this with keeping in shape?

Studies show that having sex just 3 times per week can burn close to 40,00 calories per year. That’s the equivalent to 3-weeks of the average woman’s calorie intake completely guilt free!

If you’re enjoying regular sex, go ahead and indulge when you finish that project. You deserve it!

As long as your sex life is healthy, your career will be too!

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