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Getting Off with Telemarketing ADULT CONTENT! MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!

Author: Anonymous
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The Nerd movie was completely correct when they tagged nerds as being very passionate and sexual even though most of the time we just make love to our keyboards and computers, but when we get a chance we are raunchy and quite passionate and women who get past our personality, our looks, and general awkwardness really discover the treasure they are missing! Geeks are creative and think way differently than most people and that makes them dangerous to other more well-adjusted men who never feel threatened by us. We do silent drone strikes on women when the “normals” let their guard down! Leave it to techs with their perverted way of thinking to twist a simple telemarketing call into a hot erotic conversation.

Our office has 7 nerds, I mean ultra-nerds. If you enter our office you will find cables everywhere and we even have our servers for our customers in our office that is how geeky we are. Any woman entering the office will be turned off immediately, but then our biggest contact with women is the telemarketers that call each day. They are our chance because we can use our intellect and passion to hook them into having phone sex! You would be surprised how easy and how often you can do this. Our standard approach to telemarketers was to start flirting lightly as an opener. If they responded, then we get stronger with the flirts. Our ultimate goal was phone sex!

All telemarketing calls are answered using the speaker phone so the entire office can enjoy it. Seventy percent of the calls are a bust, they do not cooperate and we hang up on them—but surprisingly at least 30% of them gets you somewhere. Of those about 50% go to heavy flirting, 25% get really hot, and 25% get to phone sex! Quickies to be sure because while they do not seem to care about that their supervisors may be listening, they do care about the time they spend because they are measured by that.

This story is completely true. The best phone sex we have ever gotten out of telemarketers occurred at closing time on a Friday. This girl called and we were anxious to leave but she was in Cali so she was not in a hurry to leave. I was short and did not start flirting with her because I just wanted to leave but she started me going when she said “Sweetheart, don’t hang up on me, what can I do to tell you about how we can help your company?” The “sweetheart” immediately got the phone call to go to speaker phone. She flirted immediately saying “wow you want to expose me to everyone, how exciting.”

The programmers were frantically trying to finish a project so they could go home and were typing away at their keyboard and suddenly you could hear a pin drop. They did not turn around yet but she had their ears. I flirted back and asked if she was just all talk. While still trying to pitch us, she flirted back with me, each flirt stronger and stronger, and we could hear her breathing start to increase. Yes we are nerds and measure everything and we hear and see everything—that is why we are so good. She really did want to pitch us so we did what we normally do “the Silence of the Lamb technic”—remember “Tic for Tack Clarice, you tell me something and I will tell you something.”

For every good flirt we shared we would listen to 30 second of her pitch and she would have to end the 30 second with something the let us go further with the flirt. We spent our 30 second describing what we would do to her body and we can tell she was being stimulated. By this time all the geeks were circled around my phone listening intently, mouth wide open and also breathing a bit harder. Even the religious guy who was married was there with a happy smile. At the end of her pitch she would respond to what we said. We did this for about 5 minutes and she just could not keep up with her pitch anymore; she would start with the flirt and try to finish with the pitch but we would anxiously cut her off and tripped her pitch.

She gave up and we ended up just having raunchy sex and describing what we would do to each other in explicit details. By this time she was whispering with a very raspy voice because her breath was going so fast and she would tell us that she could not believe she was so hot, she said she had never done this but could not stop herself now. When I told her that seven men were almost ready to release she said “OMG you just made me do it”—although not in such clean terms! All of our mouths were completely dry and we were all breathing quite hard as well by the time she claimed release. She was amazing and the experience was great even for the married guy!

But it did not end there, several days later she called and she thanked us because her boss was listening and they ended up going to an empty office and finishing for real. She never knew he wanted her so much and just listening to how hot she was gave him the guts to approach her while she was still revving hot and they were currently dating. We tried coaxing her to do it again, even the other guys got into begging her to do it again but she said no because he was listening! Then she went into her pitch again and we did end up buying from her! She was great at sales with benefits!

If you are into having fun, I encourage you to try these things and you will be shocked how well this works!

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