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The 5 Minute Guide to getting a job in Social Media!

A few years ago, if you were caught on Facebook or talking to your friends at work, you could expect the company would do either two things: Disable your access to Facebook or the Internet – or – fire you. Your company disregarded the fact that they could easily have you market and brand them to your friends and the billions of people using social media as their target audience.

Social Media is a gold mine for advertising agencies and corporations looking to get their product out there. From the usage of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, there are millions of eyes on computers screens using those networks and nearly every second of the day. While many of these people are using these social media networks to access friends, there are a vast majority also advertising for their own companies to followers and clients. Many followers eat up updates and new products like no tomorrow, depending on the audience. For example, Apple has a huge fan base of iPhone and iPad lovers who are just waiting for the next available technology that Apple has yet to release. The company that reports information on this product – regardless if it comes from Apple or not – is going to be the company that gets the most impressions and influence until Apple releases the product themselves.

Furthermore, social media is an amazing opportunity to establish your brand.

Here is an infographic how Social Media is actually a job and could lead to a great career.

Get a Job in Social Media Infographic

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A company that has a profile on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can easily engage with its followers and customers, interacting with them and giving them a more personal experience to interact with the company, and ultimately acquiring complete loyalty and attention from its fans.

So when your company catches you on Facebook, feel free to explain to them that your usage of Facebook is not in vein, and how useful you could be. If you’re a company that has discovered an employee using any of the social networks, don’t disregard them, for they are the most valuable employees in the company and should be given a chance in the marketing and advertising department.


The 5 Minute Guide To Getting a Job In Social Media

As more and more companies begin to offer employment opportunities in the social media world, many of us are trying to figure out how to get a foot in the door. If you want to get in this field but your efforts have proved fruitless, look no further. This unofficial guide will set you on the straight path to employment.

Social Media Job Titles
A handful of social media job titles have now become vernacular. But what does each job actually entail? *Average salary based on over 21,300 social media job listing in April and May 2010.

Social Media Manager / Executive
– In charge of a company’s entire social presence, implementing all social strategy.
– Average Salary: $80,000 – $110,000

Community Manager
– Dabbles in all of the following: customer service, marketing/sales, legal, HR, product development.
– Average Salary: $60,000 – $90,000


Editor / Publisher
– In charge of executing specific social media campaigns.
– Average Salary: $30,000 – $45,000

– Responsible for quantifying the success of a company’s overall social presence as well as each specific social campaign.
– Average Salary: $40,000 – $60,000

Digital Communications / Product Developer
– Helps integrate social capabilities into the company website and makes sure it is all functioning properly.
– Average Salary: $75,000 – $100,000

Now that you’re familiar with some of the jobs available in the social media realm, here are some steps to secure that covered job.


00:30:00 Establish an Online Presence
There’s no way around this first step: You must establish your online presence. Not only will you learn about most social media job opportunities online, but you also need to prove that you are completely familiar with the space. In the end, it may be your social pretense that tips off an employer of your mad skills.

01:00:00 Be Proficient in All Social Channels
Even if you prefer using a single social channel as your primary personal stream, it’s impotent to be proficient on as many sites as you possibly can. Of course, this includes the big three: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. But learning the ins-and-outs of additional sites will only prove that you know your stuff.

01:30:00 Be Creative and Relevant
Everything you post online reflects your tastes, creativity, and knowledge of the business. If you want that job you have to stand out above the rest of the pack. This can be done with creativity on all fronts: your cover letter and resume, online engagement with the company, and the content you post on your blog and social streams.

02:00:00 Be a Professional
No employer wants to see photos or discussions of your weekend bender in Las Vegas. Keep your overall social media profile as clean and professional as possible to increase your chance of getting the job.

02:30:00 Know the Industry / Know the Company
You must prove that you know about the industry and the company you’re interested in working for. A solid understanding and passion for these two things will help you to engage better with the community and give you an authentic voice with which to speak. No one wants to consume or interact with contrived content.

03:00:00 Network and Build Relationships
Your relationships with those in the social media realm might be the most important assets you can bring into your next job in social media. Use your social presence to meet and engage with others, especially those who are influences in the same industry.

03:30:00 Be Familiar With the Need-to-Know Programs
Often times those in social media will need to know how to crop photos, basic HTMl, video editing, and WordPress. Even basic knowledge of these skills will make you much more marketable.

04:00:00 Learn the Lingo
Every industry boasts their own type of business speak, so it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the words and acronyms that are unique to social media.

04:30:00 Help a Business Out Pro Bono
The best way to get experience under your belt is by getting experience under your belt. Look for opportunities to help out friends’ businesses with their social presence by setting up all their accounts and regularly adding content. Putting yourself not he front line will show you what works and what doesn’t.

05:00:00 Learn How to Juggle
Anyone working in social media should be an expert multitasked. Between various instant messaging conversations and open browser tabs, you must be prepared for a constant onslaught of online activity. Don’t get overwhelmed. Master shortcuts and work efficiently as possible.

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