6 Must-Have Gadgets for Every Business Man and Woman

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Every eligible business man and woman likes to look the part. Arriving at that all-important business conference with an engraved leather briefcase, a well cut suit and your monogrammed Symthson notebook makes you feel like a proper professional. But when attending meetings with old-fashioned conference facilities, looking the part isn’t enough anymore. It’s time to invest in some serious technological gadgets to ensure you not only the part, but you can act the part too. Here are our top tech must-have gadgets:

  1. iPad – Apple’s creation of the iPad changed the world of business. This perfectly proportioned tablet does absolutely everything; this is simply a must-have gadget for every business man and woman. The iPad allows you to make notes, record conversations, surf the web and everything else in between. Plus, with an array of apps to choose from such as the must-have EverNote, the iPad has become an essential accompaniment to all meetings.
  2. Tablet case – Although this isn’t a technical gadget, it is still a necessity. A quality case for your tablet/iPad will help prevent scratches and marks on your wonderful gadget and demonstrates care for your possessions. Invest in something similar to the Crux360. This clever little case has a clamshell-keyboard case which allows you to use your iPad in a multitude of positions. Ergonomics have been taken into consideration and all iPad ports and buttons remain accessible while carrying the case. Plus with full Bluetooth and four different modes, this is the best way to carry your iPad into meetings.
  3. Mouse – After taking notes and surfing the web for hours, your fingers and arms can grow tired. Invest in a piece of technological luxury and purchase a Logitech MX Mouse. This is the best mouse money can buy! Featuring a Darkfield sensor, this clever little mouse allows you to use it on any surface, including glass, cloth or even a pair of denim jeans (not that you would be wearing those in a meeting…).
  4. Laptop – If a tablet is just too small for you, then a laptop is the obvious option. There are many on the market, but one of the lightest and best laptops for business use is the ASUS Senbook UX31. This laptop is one of the frontrunners; only 9mm at its thickest point and just 17mm when closed, this laptop is easy to carry around from office to office. Despite its streamlined size, it still has plenty of power thanks to an Intel i7 processor and 4G of RAM. Plus, with a phenomenally quick start up time from sleep (just 2 seconds) this laptop means you can check incoming emails quicker than ever before.
  5. Smartpen – Want a pen which allows you to record audio while you’re taking notes, then play them back later? Of course you do. Introducing the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. This extraordinarily clever little pen lets you save and share interactive notes with your computer, iPad or iPhone meaning you will never miss a meeting minute. The storage holds 400 or 800 hours of recorded audio, model dependant, and includes OLED display which makes it easy to navigate smartpen apps. This smartpen is taking personalised stationary to a whole new level.
  6. Sony SmartWatch – This clever gadget ensures the days of constantly fishing in your pocket for your phone are over. The Android-powered Sony SmartWatch lets you see all of your vital notifications on the 1.3ince OLED touchscreen, making sure you don’t miss a thing during your meetings. It allows you to manage calls, read emails and text messages, view Facebook posts and tweets. Thanks for an increasing number of apps, you can now even use the SmartWatch to listen to music!

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