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It was around the end of the year 2012, and I was sixteen years old in High School, without the feeling of soft, gritty, and heart-filling money in my pocket, and in my skilled hands, so I looked for some work. Nothing. Nada. As you would expect, nobody would hire a 16 year old except at McDonalds for low pay, and I was sure I did not want to be flipping burgers all day for 300$ a month (plus that I would like to maintain my reputation amongst my friends, who do not have the strongest abstaining muscle for criticism in general) ! So I looked for some work online, ready to enjoy my new dollar dollar bills.

First 5 Dollars

I applied to Freelancer, the biggest website of freelance work, and got my first 5 dollars fixing some HTML code for an Indian guy who as I saw had mad anger problems between the lines of “Get back to work you piece of East European s*!@,” and me being the new greedy businessman that I still am, ignored his funny and degrading references and got my “East European a**” back to work. And when he gave me my precious 5$….

Wow! What a rush!

From that moment, I got my Web Development books, my Article Writing tutorials, and started doing work for everyone in my city, whether it was a 5 static page website, or a huge uploading web application made in Code Igniter, and started to collect money for the darker days.

My first two websites

My first client, was led to me by my mother, who is crazy about spiritual stuff and she pointed me to this crazy-looking woman, who asked me to make a website for her. That night I went through the WordPress Codex, and got together a half-assed attempt at a website with 5 static pages with Home, About us, Conferences, Why Choose Us and Contact pages. It was after a year that I implemented a system for her which she could give Reiki and Shamanism seminars on-line to her clients.

She paid me 200$ dollars and a delicious pepperroni pizza which I enjoyed it imagining my future as a successful businessman with people praising me around thinking that I am a God, and me living in a mansion rich, not working anymore because of the revenue from my new company.

Another client, which paid me 400$, currently residing at Amalia Rezident, paid me to make a WordPress page with a beautiful HTML5 template, with Google Maps API pointing to their current location, and an image gallery with beautiful houses inside, that I really enjoyed creating. Unfortunately, he decided to drop the project because their company closed.

Now I am studying design patterns and more web development, and from time to time, writing articles for different clients. I take great pleasure in my work and I am always eager to satisfy my client, because as the old saying goes: “The client is always right,” they are the people who helped me get myself on my own feet and start a career doing what I like to do and I am still grateful to them, and from my thoughts, I will always be.

I love my job, i respect my clients, and most of all, I love freelance writing and freelance web design.