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Author: Teo Alvin
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Freelancing is a great way of making extra money extremely easily, where it has often been perceived as exceedingly difficult to showcase talent efficiently. This is now a thing of the past.

There are now an abundance of safe and effective freelancing platforms from which budding wordsmiths can spread their literary mite to the wider cyber world. Interestingly and rather unfortunately, these hidden gem websites have a rather understated profile.

However this is gradually changing and their brilliance is slowly being realized. This article will provide the top 4 ways in which to make the best of the online facilities available.

Have a complete personal profilePersonal Profile Information

Employers in the modern era look for a high level of diversity and past experience. While it may seem arduous and often quite boring, it is pivotal to the illumination of your online profile. Anybody can fill their name and education details in; it’s variety that enhances your employability.

On a simpler level, correct grammar and punctuation is also very important, as first impressions in this business certainly do count.

Ensure your portfolio is up to date

Whether you are a budding journalist, blog writer, logo designer, artist or TV presenter; be professional. If you want to be seen as a credible potential employee you have to have an aura of class and credibility about you. Create a brand name for yourself, be proactive and understand the market you are aiming for.

Many Freelance platforms such as pay a considerable focus to the term “expertise”. It is this expertise that companies are looking for and this can only be elucidated with an up to date and broad online portfolio. In a 2012 survey by the Freelance industry they stated 18% of workers stated they were “writers”.

If you fit into this bracket then another element comes into the equation, luck. Remove the element of luck; be unique and innovative.

Be Selective

Filing Folders

While a wide ranging portfolio is great; the phrase “quality not quantity” most certainly applies to freelancers. It will be very rare that a company seeks the services of a blog writing, opera singing, and a multi-instrumentalist. While that is a farfetched example, you understand what I mean.

A very specific but refined skill is of greater value; a specialist in a certain field of website coding, for example, to certain companies would be a god send. That said, if you happen to have an array of quality material then by all means, share it with the world.

Be proud of what you have to offer

This point is aimed more towards prospective freelancers, however, it is still relevant to freelancers wishing for a change of direction. If you have a talent or a passion, the online platforms are there for you. You don’t have to tell family, show friends, or even look to pursue a career in your field.

Websites can be used merely as personal talent blog, the possibilities are endless and abundant.

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Teo Alvin is a business enthusiast who loves connecting with people making the move from full-time employment to freelancing.


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