Four Reasons Why You Must Backup Data

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Always Backup Your Data Daily!

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Advancement in technology has made us lazy, both physically and mentally. Now that the computer stores everything for us from phone numbers to official documents, we seem to have become complacent with regard to exercising our minds. I mean, some people have owned cell phones for ages, but they still don’t remember their own phone numbers. We don’t even pay any heed to memorizing emergency contacts and storing away physical copies of documents. We simply trust the computer too much. Has our trust on our favorite machine gone too far? What would happen if the hard disk crashed and the data was lost to a place where it could not be seen, touched or retrieved? There is no single cause of data loss. It can occur due to smallest viruses or the biggest software failures. At the end of the day it is our data that is lost and we who have to suffer.

Data loss happens everywhere and can harm anyone

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Data loss is like any incurable disease, combating which can only be done via preventive means and not curative measures. As mentioned earlier, there are no limitations to the way data loss can occur. It can occur in a multitude of ways. From physical damage to equipment- such as fire or water, to computer viruses, hacking and theft, and hard disk failure, all can send you into oblivion. So get yourself a portable storage device today and store away all the essential stuff in it. If possible, store it in multiple physical locations, so that it may be easily retrieved in case the primary storage locations are compromised.


How harsh data loss can be to you

Data loss can be extremely cruel. We all have experienced what losing contacts on the phone does to us, but think about what would happen if you lost evidence of your paid taxes or electricity bills. How will you recover your educational e-certificates in case you lost them to hard drive failure? Can you compensate for the loss which the hacker can cause if your account details are stolen? The answer to all these questions is ‘no’. Therefore, it is always wise to take the help of the Cloud and store data in a place where it can be retrieved from any location in the world from any device available.

Backing up data is pretty simple these days

Backing up data can be as simple as just emailing yourself. Emails don’t consume your device’s memory- which is quite an advantage, so you don’t have to worry about deleting data to make space. However, there’s a limit to the amount of data you can email- a few MBs and the kind of files you can transfer. The cloud has provided the incredible option of auto backup. By simply setting up an account online, for free, your device can grant you access to several GBs of online which can only be accessed by your own username and password. So get OneDrive or Dropbox today start uploading your data online right away.

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The facility of access from different locations

Portable storage medium such as hard drives and USBs allow you to carry large amounts of data in your pocket and store it in multiple locations. The Cloud, on the other hand, allows access from a any location worldwide by simply entering your security credentials. So, in the world where we have become so dependent upon technology, data safeguards need to be looked at closely. From the biggest firms to the greatest personalities, data loss can bring everything crashing to the ground.

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