Four Jobs Where Humans Are Irreplaceable By Computers

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Jobs Computers Cannot Do

Computer vs Man Chess

The computer does all kinds of work today. From storing heaps of data in national databases to handling weather forecasts, we find computers in every sphere of life. Indeed, the computer has been man’s greatest friend throughout the years, but it has also created unemployment by replacing the need for ‘hands’. It beats man on accuracy and precision, and wins the battle of stamina by far. Memory is also one of the greatest virtues of computers. It is the one thing that diminishes in man with time, but memory continues to increase with betterment in technology. We have travelled from kBs to MBs to GBs in a matter of a few years and we carry millions of billions of storage units on the smallest of handheld devices. Even though life without computers is quite unimaginable, with some terming it as stone age, the fact still stand that man is the creator of the computer and he shall be its true master always. Here are a few jobs where even the mighty computer bows down to man.

Creativity – Nature’s Gift to Mankind

When it comes to creativity, the computer is no match for the human mind. It was the relentless creativity of the human brain that brought about mind boggling inventions, inventions that eventually led to man reaching the moon. Jobs that require creativity, improvisation, entrepreneurial skills and innovation will always be open to people. Enhancing creativity is one thing, something that you get with Photoshop and Illustrator, but possessing it is something totally different. Human beings possess creativity; they can make music, act, pretend, write and even paint at will, with exciting changes every single day.

Sports – An Inbuilt Characteristic of a Human Being

Kids strive to stand when they can only crawl, they look to walk when they can only stand and they like to run when they can only walk. Such is the nature of the world’s most complex machine. The desire and attraction towards increased physical activity has always brought thrill to a human and that is what separates us from computers. We simply love sports, no matter how many different forms it has taken today, but it always seems to bring people together under one roof. Nothing can replace the beauty of man’s participation in sports. Those moments of madness that change games, that slightest mistake that causes heartbreaks and those amazing imperfections in the greatest players is just something we relish and will continue to do so.

The Healthcare Industry and the Surgical Dexterity

Technology has helped us make great leaps in health care and medicine alike. However, a world without human doctors still seems an impossibility. There are many medical labors which a computer, in any form, cannot perform. Robotic arms can help with precision but the decision making will always be in the hands of man.

Education and Teachers – Forever Irreplaceable

Once again a computer cannot ‘provide’ education; it can simply provide you the means of gaining limitless access to it. Teachers are not just presenters of knowledge, they are role models for students. Kids learn from them and make them ideals. It is the teachers who put content onto the online portals and webpages which people access so easily – a credit which is most often given to technology.

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