The Forecast for Programming Careers

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Every career has its moment in the sun, but programming is remaining one that seems to have forgotten that night must fall. The most recent evaluation and projections from the Department of Labor and Statistics gave a programming career 7.5 out of 10 stars in rating its growth outlook. The jobs are plentiful, the salaries remain good and it looks like there is little stopping the upward projection of its outlook. The question is which type of programming is the Department forecasting for? With platforms changing and modifying to meet increased access via the Internet on desktop and mobile devices on an almost annual basis, the operating systems have changed from the standard of DOS, UNIX and MAC to include a variety of other systems that each has a strong market share. This doesn’t even begin to take into account the developing proprietary operating systems of the mobile market such as those from Google and Rim. Surprisingly, it may be one of the older languages that have the most positive and steady outlook. Visual Basic has some very unique qualities that are proving it to be remarkably adaptive to the changing computer industry.

What makes a programmer a first choice hire

There are companies with the “next big idea” that will grab a programmer who is skilled in the latest language, but the solid opportunities are going to programmers who not only have skills in the latest web development languages, but that know more than one and have a strong base in Visual Basic. Why VB? Ask a company like DMS Systems, Inc. and they will tell you that while others may be developing in strong Javas and C++, no other language is matching the speed of production in creating business applications that Visual Basic can produce. It is a part of the original design of the language from Microsoft. The goal wasn’t to make a programming language that anyone could use; it was to make one that you could use without having to get wrapped up in the language. This led to high speed development of customized apps for businesses that just also happened to be upgradable by someone without much programming experience.

Knowing how to be a workhorse

Every programmer knows that for every project to create a new program, there are 50 that have to do with maintaining and upgrading an older project. Visual Basics language and annotation structure allows for programmers to more readily understand the structure and intention of prior offers. Most of the positions available and coming available for programmers are not going to be innovation heavy, there will be a greater emphasis on tuning and tweaking programs to meet the changing OS of the devices available.


If you are employed in a position as the backbone of an industry and a workhorse, you can expect solid pay and benefits. What you won’t see are the out of control salaries of the rock star programmers from the 80s and 90s. The Department of Labor places a median salary for a programmer at around 72k, but seeing a compensation package over $115,000 is becoming rarer.

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  1. Programmers are definitely in high demand. Not only because of the skill set itself but also because they tend to be good problem solvers.

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