Menu Icons

It is only fair to write this page for our visitors since we decided to ditch the traditional “text” menu and go for just icons. To most visitors, it is not really much of an issue, as you can click and find out to understand, or they are somewhat self-explanatory per se. For those who are totally confused by the font icons, we have explained everything here.

This icon takes you to the homepage.

This icon will take you to instructions on contributing a confession.

This icon leads to the entire archive of all the confessions.

This icon will take you to a random confession.

This icon will allow you to search the entire site via DuckDuckGo.

This icon will lead you to more helpful and useful resources.

This icon is a feature called Quick Glimpse, available on each confession, and gives you a few bullet points about the confession.


This icon lets you know who the author of the confession is.

This icon is the website of the author.

This icon lets you know about the average time you will spend reading the confession, give or take a minute or two, depending on how fast you read.

This icon will let you know the word count of the confession.

This icon lets you know how many visitors saw this confession, though 100% accuracy is not always guaranteed (our caching system may affect this).

This icon toggles “the lights”, meaning the confession can go into dark mode for easier reading on the eyes.

This icon takes you to the AMP version of the website, which will give you close to a lightning speed web experience.

This icon leads you to information about the font icons.