Focus On Your Hobby [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Your Hobby

Three Hobbies

Have you always wanted to take up a hobby, but never seemed to make it happen? This is the week to start your hobby and hopefully you will keep it going! Otherwise, if it is not something that you see as going, than take this week to explore your hobby and see if it is for you and something you want to continue doing for many years to come.


Whether you are a gamer, a relaxer, an adventurer, a workout fanatic, or a toy enthusiast who loves to fly kites, it is time for you to focus on you this week and what you love to do. Focus on your favorite thing to do. Whether it is for fun, to help you ease your mind, or even make you money, focus on something you have been wanting to find time to do but always end up putting off.

This hobby might remain a priority on your list, but on the list of priorities you never seem to reach. Everything always tends to get put before it. At one point or another, you did this hobby, but life got in the way and you always find yourself busy with work or something else.

Maybe you are a gamer at heart, but you knew that you had to get serious and real with life, so you ended up putting the gaming system away and watched it collect some dust over the years, secretly hoping that you could find some time just for you again. Maybe you wanted to secretly learn the piano or the guitar, but never believed in yourself enough to actually do it. You can and there are plenty of YouTube videos to help!

Life is way too short to not be doing something you enjoy. You go to work, you support your family, you do your best to make sure everyone has eaten and is fairly happy. You try to put everyone before yourself and your needs and that is perfectly okay, but you must also learn to take time for yourself as well. After all, that is the time you get to learn about yourself and experience the euphoria that comes when you are doing what you love to do. It is time for you to take a few hours for yourself and focus on your hobby.

“When you say yes, the universe helps you.” – Dan Brule