Professionalism is a Must in Fitness Training

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Being in the fitness business, you need to have a good body and a personality to go with it. I am a personal fitness trainer. I have worked with some of the biggest gymnasium chains in America and after years of hard work and turmoil, I earned my name and reputation as a good personal trainer. I love my work, I get to exercise and work on my body and help others do the same and I was really good at my job. Although I never got any major fame or recognition, I knew that I provided results and all my clients were satisfied with the efforts I put in and are happy with the results they got.


I am a thorough professional and a strict perfectionist; I am known to scream at my clients for not following their diet. I give them intense workout and make them follow a strict regime, I don’t think I would have been suitable for any corporate job; luckily I didn’t have to bother about that. Being nice and cheerful to my clients was also a part of my job and one of the easiest things to do as I was always considered a natural flirt. I had a female client who had been my regular client for a couple of years. She was a friend to me and we often engaged in harmless flirting after workouts. She worked with a law firm and usually came to the gym in the latter part of the evenings and she had a body to die for, almost absolutely perfect.

One evening, she came to the gym a little drunk; apparently they were celebrating winning a huge case. She began her usual workout and I was there to encourage and guide her. All of a sudden, she started flirting with me in the middle of her workout. Initially, I responded assuming she was just being funny, but things really got intense and later out of control. She took my flirting seriously and acted on it and did not hold back her drunken emotions. I was still her trainer, so I stood there without reacting to it. She ended her workout session abruptly and went home. The next day she came to me and apologized for her behavior that almost cost me my job. Since that day onwards, we haven’t been able to see each other eye to eye. But, the thing is, I also wanted her just as equally on that day and if she had not left, something might have happened that night.