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Choosing a career is tough! You’ll probably want to get a job in something that you already know you’re good at, but what if you’re good at a bunch of things? Or what if you really never thought about your career path before?

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As you can see from the video, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding which career is best for you. What is the job outlook? How happy are people working in that field? How many years of experience are required to pursue that career?

It’s important to take your time deciding what kind of career you want to pursue…after all, you may be doing that job for the rest of your working life.

Upward Mobility and Who Has It

According to the video, human resources managers, administrative assistants and corrections officers have some of the highest levels of upward mobility. This means that the people working in these careers have a lot of opportunities to advance to better paying jobs with more responsibilities. Generally, people in upwardly mobile careers have a higher level of job satisfaction, and as a result are happier people and better employees.

If you’re not sure exactly what career you want to pursue yet, maybe you should consider these upwardly mobile jobs. With plenty of opportunities for advancement, you’ll have the potential to rise to another job that you like even more. Human resources managers can move up to administrative service managers, administrative assistants can become information security analysts and corrections officers can become police officers.

If you aren’t interested in one of these career paths, of course that’s fine too! Just keep in mind – it’s important to know your chosen career’s level of mobility before you commit to it.

Knowing Your Gender Stats

Vista College’s video also includes the gender statistics for professionals in different careers. You might be wondering, Why is that important?

Gender statistics are simply helpful when visualizing yourself in your potential future career. They help you understand what your working environment might be like and give you more information on industry trends. If more women than men are employed in your career of choice, do some research to learn why that trend exists. Do those kinds of jobs have their own daycares?

Gender statistics can reveal interesting information about career paths in different industries. Don’t overlook them in your search for the perfect job.

Why You Need to Consider Job Satisfaction Ahead of Time

Job satisfaction is a very important career quality to consider early on in your decision-making process. Don’t simply go after the job you think is going to give you the income you want. You should choose your career based on how happy it makes you and how interested you are in that subject. Otherwise, you’re just going to be grumpy and bored at work for the rest of your life.

The video above shows us the projected level of job satisfaction for people in a variety of career fields. People with careers in healthcare seem to be relatively happy, but we can see that people with careers in business are even happier. Of course, how happy you are with your chosen career depends mostly on you, but it’s good to know the industry average for job satisfaction before you devote too much time to it.

If you’re stressed out about choosing the career that’s best for you, relax. Everyone’s been there at one time or another. Just make sure you consider your options and do some thorough researching. Then go out there and get that job!

Fortunately, Vista College has created this helpful video infographic about different career fields:

Finding the Right Career For You [Infographic]

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Which Career is Right For Me?

Knowing Your Career Outlook

  • Active Listening
  • Critical Thinking
  • Speaking
  • Coordination
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Personnel & Human Resources
  • Biology
  • Administration & Management
  • Public Safety & Security
  • Economics & Accounting
  • Clerical
  • Computers
  • English Language
  • Customer & Personal Service
  • Mechanical
  • Reading Comprehension


JobTop SkillsKnowledge RequiredExperienceGenderJob GrowthSatisfaction
Medical AssistantActive ListeningMedicine & DentistryNone7% Male 93% Female31%😐
Nurse AssistantActive ListeningMedicine & DentistryNone13% Male 87% Female20%😐
Medical Information TechniciansActive ListeningClericalNone30% Male 70% Female21%😐
Veterinary TechnologyCritical ThinkingBiologyNone35% Male 65% Female14%😐


JobTop SkillsKnowledge RequiredExperienceGenderJob GrowthSatisfaction
Human ResourcesActive ListeningPersonnel & Human Resources1 – 5 years28% Male 72% Female13%🙂
Financial AnalystCritical ThinkingEconomics & AccountingNone64% Male 36% Female23%😐
Administrative Service ManagerSpeakingClerical1 – 5 years62% Male 38% Female15%😐
Administrative AssistantActive ListeningClerical1 – 5 years4% Male 96% Female12%🙂


JobTop SkillsKnowledge RequiredExperienceGenderJob GrowthSatisfaction
Network AdministratorCritical ThinkingComputersNone78% Male 22% Female28%😐
Computer Systems AnalystCritical ThinkingComputersNone65% Male 35% Female22%😐
Information Security AnalystCritical ThinkingComputers1 – 5 years84% Male 16% Female22%😐
Information Systems ManagerCritical ThinkingComputers> 5 years65% Male 35% Female18%😐


JobTop SkillsKnowledge RequiredExperienceGenderJob GrowthSatisfaction
CosmetologistsActive ListeningCustomer & Personal ServiceNone8% Male 92% Female14%😐
HVAC TechnicianInstallationMechanicalNone99% Male 1% Female34%😐
Automotive Service TechnicianActive ListeningMechanicalNone99% Male 1% Female17%😐
ElectriciansTroubleshootingMechanicalNone99% Male 1% Female21%😐


JobTop SkillsKnowledge RequiredExperienceGenderJob GrowthSatisfaction
ParalegalReading ComprehensionEnglish LanguageNone15% Male 93% Female18%😐
Police OfficerActive ListeningPublic Safety & SecurityPre-Training88% Male 12% Female7%😐
Corrections OfficerActive ListeningPublic Safety & SecurityNone73% Male 27% Female5%🙂
Court ReporterActive ListeningClericalNone19% Male 81% Female14%😐

Jobs With The Highest Career Satisfaction

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Corrections Officer

Jobs With The Highest Upward Mobility

  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Police Officer

Celebrity College Majors

Julia Roberts
Veterinary Studies

Ray Romano

Sean Penn
Auto Mechanics

Kevin Costner
General Business

Barry Bonds
Criminal Justice

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