Finding New Direction

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Making Personal and Career Changes for the Better

Finding New Direction
In life, we strive for constants as much as we strive for change. We simultaneously take comfort in routine, while we long for something fresh and different. It’s the dichotomy that drives us as individuals to repeatedly explore and settle. Sure, there are those of us who stay in one place our entire lives, and those of us who can’t live anywhere for more than a few months, but in most cases, we are dynamic people. These life changes are a part of life’s routine. If you find yourself getting disinterested in yours, perhaps it’s time to make a drastic change.

A New Job

Staring out of the same window every day (or worse, the same cubicle wall) can take its toll on our spirit and enthusiasm. As we get stale in our workplace, our motivation drops along with our body’s endorphin production. To put it simply, we are no longer happy. Our productivity drops and oftentimes, this dissatisfaction is transferred into our personal lives.

Don’t let it! If you’ve gotten tired of your job, switch it up. Begin looking for another position. Maybe change career paths, maybe change cities – but whatever you do, release yourself from the monotony of that routine. For many of us, we take to internet job postings and career sites. However, we lack the time and energy to strap a computer to our laps after a long day’s work. Recruiting services offer a great deal of help placing employment candidates, with specialized executive recruiters for more elevated positions.  So whether you’re a mid-level worker, a mail room pro or the company’s COO, you have options. Contact a recruiter and let them work for you, it could help shorten your job search significantly, and increase your pay in the process!

A New City

Of course, these decisions are much harder to make than simply switching a workplace, but living in and exploring a new city will offer significantly more excitement in your life. It’s a challenge that many of us crave but many of us also shy away from – sometimes for practical reasons like family, work and rent; other times, we simply have a fear of drastic change. Go for it!

Discovering a new city is overtly an exciting adventure, though it can also stimulate the mind, body and soul. Traditionally, starting from scratch in a new environment forces one to relearn things that were once second-nature, such as going to work, getting the mail and navigating public transit. It also forces us to branch out of our comfort zones, meeting new people and experiencing new things in the process. We are exposed to a number of different stimuli and are suddenly open to things that we would never try in our previous home.

A New Life

Many of us see a ‘New Life’ as taking that major step – getting engaged, getting married, buying a house, having a baby, etc. Although this may be the case for many of us, some could reinvent their lives in other, more drastic ways. Changing a career isn’t enough – some may move to a new country, new interests, new friends and a new line of work altogether. For the more transient of us, we could gain that excitement and satisfaction by skirting off to join the Peace Corp. For those more invested, perhaps contacting a recruiter or executive recruiter is the only step you need to take.

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By Susan B., a part-time blogger looking for a fulltime gig, hopefully in a new city and time zone.




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