Filling the Talent Pool [Infographic]

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For years, U.S. has been overwhelmingly trawling the world for ways to improve the nation’s unemployment problem, and now that there’s been a rise of employment opportunities, the new problem now seems to be filling the job vacancies with the right top talent that can meet the standards set by the employers. Unfortunately, this has not been an easy ordeal for job applicants.

The resumes they’re sending are either lacking the right credentials and experience needed for the job or are just simply not written in the most professional manner. There are also other major problems with the current rise of job opportunities, and these problems include the high level of competition among various industries, the nationwide talent shortages and also the issue of outsourcing.

All of these issues convalesce into an interesting discussion on when the job economy of the U.S. would find its way to reliable stability. This infographics right here explains the major facets of the entire discussion in impressive organized charts.

This infographic has also the details on why seeking for a perfect candidate can become the greatest problem of employers and how this can be remedied by implementing pragmatic solutions. To find the ideal candidate for a job is a matter of luck rather than success, so employers should understand how this can impede in meeting the job vacancies than the industry requires.

What is also in this infographic is a set of tips on how you should reconsider those values and requirements you deem non-negotiable in finding the right hire. Sometimes the right person for a post is the least ideal candidate for a job, and picking the ones who still have a lot to work on to reach their potential may sometimes be the most wise decision to do. Read more of these facts in this infographic now.

Filling the Talent Pool [Infographic]

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Filling the Talent Pool

U.S employment figures are continuing a positive upward swing, with significant rises in many sectors such as medical and science, manufacturing and IT.

As the largest staffing agency in the world, Adecco is spearheading the charge, connecting thousands of job seekers with potential openings on a daily basis.

Here’s a rundown of how we are filling the talent pool with top-quality candidates.

Adecco’s Top Jobs

In the manufacturing sector alone, Adecco places almost 100,000 job seekers, filling many positions for their clients in manufacturing hubs such as New York, Michigan, and Texas.

IT & Tech
Medicine & Science
Financial / Accounting
Financial / Mortgage
Call Center

1 Payroll Professional
2 Accounting Clerk
3 Professional Payroll without Benefits
1 Hazard Insurance Specialist I
2 Insurance
3 Insurance Prof I
1 Pharmacy Tech Int
2 Pharmacy
3 Other – Scientific Medical
1 Recruiter
2 Telecruiter I
3 Telecruiters II
1 Waiter/Waitress
2 Food & Beverage Clerk
3 Food SVC
1 Prof Dev/Pre Lev 2
2 Technician
3 Data Entry
1 Assembly
2 Gen Labor
3 Light Industrial
1 Clerk
2 Analyst, PRD Implementation
3 Clerical SP
1 Call Center Agent
2 Customer Service – Support
3 Call Center Specialist
1 Handheld Video Operator (HHV)
2 Business Analyst
3 Writer

Unemployment Rate by Sector

Job numbers in the medical and science industry are expected to swell over the next decade. In November 2013, the medical and science sector had an unemployment rate of only 3.9%, well below the national average of 7%, meaning HR managers are having to drill down even deeper to source the very best people.

Adecco has been abel to place a substantial amount of medical and science candidates, particularly in California, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Jobs filled in 2013

Financial 4.30% 8451
Medical & Science 3.90% 623
HR 12.30% 1326
Hospitality 9% 10524
IT & Tech 4.80% 19748
Manufacturing 6.20% 995128
Office 12.30% 135936
Call Center 12.30% 14386
Creative 6.40% 1278

1,187,400 total placements

Top Job Growth by State

It’s boom-time in California, with major growth in the IT/tech, financial, medical and science, and manufacturing verticals, al of which have below average unemployment rates.

These are also some of the most successful sectors Adecco operates in.

Financial – Northern California
Medical & Science – Northern & Central California
Office – Southern & Central California
Manufacturing – Southern California
HR – Arizona
Hospitality – Texas
IT & Tech – Ohio
Creative – New York
Call Center – Florida

Unemployment Rate by State

While Adecco’s placement rates continue to rise, some areas have been more difficult than others to fill.

In states that have some of the country’s sparsest populations per square mil, Adecco has played a key role in keeping the unemployment rate well below the national average.

Increased confidence from employers is a sure sign that economic recovery is building momentum — as one indicator shows, American GDP shot up by 4.1% in Q3 of 2013, boosted by a surge in exports and fixed investments.

Adecco’s roster of candidates possess the skills that are in demand across the board, but also are ahead of the trend in key verticals showing growth.

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