Are You Making These Fatal Email Marketing Mistakes?

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Yes I know that creating auto-responder messages seems long, so doesn’t it make sense to do the best job of it you can? You already know the benefits, like drawing traffic to your business funnel and converting suspects to prospects.

Keep reading to find out the fatal email marketing mistakes you can avoid before they start leaving a big hole in your advertising ROI:

Fatal Mistake #1 Obviously, using spam filter triggers in your subject will hurt your campaign. Low delivery rates are fatal if unchecked.

Fatal Mistake #2 You used a naked link! Yeah, your copy is lovely but your link looks like your dog jumped on the keyboard!

Use an affiliate link cloaking software or a url shortener such as TinyURL or A TinyURL looks like this – I must admit being guilty of this many times!

Fatal Mistake #3 You made your reader scroll across! I mean come on, how tedious is that? The maximum absolute most characters across each line on the page is 200! Readability and convenience improves between 65 and 100 characters.

Optimum Line Width depends on your business and your email marketing content as some people think really short lines make them feel as if you are talking to a child…

Fatal Mistake #4 Have you ever sent an email that is like stalking your prospect, leaving them notes saying, ‘Buy My Product, Or Else’ in letters cut out from different newspapers and magazines?

Probably not, no, but most pre-written sales materials used by affiliates the world over are a bit like that if you consider your prospects’ perspective. A conservative guide would be a ratio of 1:9, that is one sales invitation to 9 content and value providers. A more realistic approach would be a ratio of 1:6… This is another thing I must confess too!

The value from your perspective is that your list unsubscribes less and responds more frequently when you do have a sales pitch to give.

In conclusion then, by taking time to think your email messages through, and by considering the value to your prospects of what you write, you will be rewarded in greater measure. In order to be rewarded well the measure you give must valuable enough to warrant it!



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